Young people, the ones who get the most covid in Tarragona

The arrival of the cold makes fear a remarkable uptick in coronavirus casesreason for which Salut refuses to remove the masks public transport and medical centers / pharmacies. However, either because the temperatures have barely dropped or because the vaccines are more effective than expected, the data still remains somewhat stable.

In the province of Tarragona, according to the data provided by Salut, during the last week no patient with coronavirus who required admission to intensive care. A piece of information contrary to that of the previous report, when a person was referred to this service.

In addition, it also stands out that in this summation, which goes from 11/7/22 to 11/13/22, no death has been lamented in the demarcation. This has been a constant in recent weeks, which proves that vaccination has been a key factor in reducing mortality from the virus. In the last month, 2 people have lost their lives due to Covid, one in Camp de Tarragona and another in Terres de l'Ebre.

Expansion among the young population

Regarding infections, the data shows a clear curve of increasing positives among people aged 15-59. Specifically, in the last week in the Camp de Tarragona there have been 356 new infectionsmost of which belong to people under 60 years of age. Salut specifies that the ranges with the most cases have been from 15 to 44 years and from 45 to 59 years with more than 100 each.

In Terres de l'Ebre the figures are much lower but show a very similar trend. In this case of the 91 registered positivess, the majority are from the 45-59 age range, followed by the 15-44 age group. In this case, both ranges add up to more than 20 positives each.

No saturation in hospitals

In the same way that infections remain under control, the situation in hospitals is still calm. This week, 27 people with covid have entered the entire province.

This indicator does clearly show, unlike infections, that people who require hospital care usually belong to the group of people over 60 years of age.

In the Camp de Tarragona there are 23 who are in a medical center because of the virus, 19 of them over 60. However, the presence of a minor belonging to the range of 0 to 4 years.

In Terres de l'Ebre there are 4 admitted, 3 of them over 60.

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