"You never imagine that it could happen"

Raül Timoner has landed on his feet in one of the cathedrals of Catalan basketball such as Joana Ballart. The Balearic point guard arrived this summer from Hestia Menorca of LEB Plata and from day one he has offered a seamless and differential performance for the category. Getting from one step above has not been trivial and he has given strong arguments to understand why he has been in national basketball for the last three years. In case there were any doubts, last Saturday he proclaimed the law of the feat with a basket that has already gone down in the history of the Vallense territory.

«It gives time to think because when the ball is in the air I see that it is on the right track, but I think that I am shooting from far away. When he walks in it was a moment of madness. We celebrated as if we had won, but we already thought we had to win overtime." This is how Raül Timoner narrates his historic basket at the Joana Ballart last Saturday.

an impossible basket

The Balearic point guard forced extra time with a triple from his field when the horn threatened. The game was 63-66 and Barça had a second free kick that was missed. The rebound shot out and was picked up by Guillem Fàbregas who quickly passed the ball to him. Timoner shot instinctively after his team picked up the rebound from a free kick, he could only shoot to tie because time was running short and the ending was as happy as it was magical.

That basket was the prelude to an epic victory. They beat Barça B, a team that came undefeated with six wins in six games, in a match in which the rojiblancos were always alive. Timoner still assimilates the basket, but makes it clear that for him to have merit behind him there was a game in which the Vallenses made it clear that his potential is not trivial: «It is something that you never imagine could happen. Thanks to the work done we can reach that situation, but it must be made clear that the 40 minutes ".

A dream Ballart

Living in an environment like that of Joana Ballart surprised a player who has been a member of the EBA for the last three years. The rojiblanco fiefdom cheered throughout the game and went crazy with Timoner's three-pointer, the point guard still remembers it with an impression: «I have played in very full arenas but I had never seen the atmosphere on Saturday at the Ballart. The madness when the triple entered is indresciptible ».

At the level of results, getting the second win in a row gives morale to a rojiblanco team that had already won the previous week: "Emotionally speaking, this victory is very important and it makes us believe that the work we are doing is paying off."

On an individual level, Raül Timoner is completing a brutal start to the season in which he is averaging 11.3 points, 4.6 rebounds and 3.6 assists for a total PIR of 11'6. Some double digits that confirm that Timoner is fully adapted, as he admits: «From minute 1 I am very happy with the decision and it was something I needed. Both the staff and the colleagues have welcomed me with open arms in this family and I already feel like one more Vallense».

Timoner dreams of a CB Valls that has put the direct with two victories in a row. They want more and against Granollers they will look for their third win in a row. It will be on Saturday.

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