"You can't leave the house"

The residents of La Pinedas have been living for a few days with a plague of mosquitoes that is causing a lot of inconvenience. The rains of recent weeks have caused several ponds to be generated with stagnant water that have become a focus for the proliferation of these insects. The problem is concentrated in the Porta del Mar area and the final section of the promenade, on the land closest to the Port of Tarragona. The City Council is aware of the problem and has already put the issue in the hands of the company responsible for disinfecting public areas.

«With these last rains there have been many mosquitoes and those that bite. Going in shorts or short sleeves is impossible, because they riddle you. You can't leave home," says Luis, who has a second home in the area. Something similar explains Ana, a Zaragozan who arrived at her apartment a couple of days ago. «She had never seen so many mosquitoes. Yesterday I was walking barefoot on the lawn and I came out with my legs full of bites », she says.

But the problem is not only on the street. Both in the Els Prats park and in the vacant lots between Amadeu Vives and Plácido Domingo streets, large puddles have formed very close to the buildings where the mosquitoes can be counted in the hundreds. "You meet them through the doorway, through the elevator, and you can't even open the windows, because your house is full," says Ana.

Alfonso has moved to La Pineda three months ago and has also suffered from the plague of mosquitoes in recent days. «You have to be with the repellent all day, but even so they continue to sting. We have all our arms and legs marked », he tells the Daily.

Zacarías is sitting on a bench next to Els Prats park, another of the areas with the greatest presence of mosquitoes in recent weeks. "I go out with a jacket and long pants and I put on repellent so they don't bite me, otherwise it would be impossible," he says. As he explains, the worst times are first thing in the morning and at sunset, "they come out everywhere and, if you pass through the green areas, they eat you," he says. "At home they can be fought, because we have electric insecticides in each room 24 hours a day, but even the dogs don't want to go for a walk outside," he adds.

It is planned that tomorrow night a treatment will be carried out to eliminate the larvae

The proliferation of mosquitoes has even affected businesses in the area, which no longer know what to do to repel them. On the terrace of the Edel Mar bar, the waiters offer repellent to customers, but they assure that there are still times of the day when you can't be there. "I don't understand why they don't fumigate everything or remove the water that has accumulated as they have done in other years," says a customer.

Elimination of the larvae

The residents of the Àncora building, on Joaquim Serra street, sent a formal request to the Vila-seca City Council exposing the problem. Just yesterday, from the town hall they made a request to the concessionaire company that is in charge of the disinsection and disinfection of public roads to carry out an emergency treatment in the area. According to municipal sources, this type of action allows to eliminate the concentrations of larvae, but it does not directly kill the mosquitoes.

The forecast is that the treatment will take place tomorrow night. In addition to acting in green areas such as the Els Prats park or the municipally owned lots between Amadeu Vives and Plácido Domingo streets, the treatment will also be carried out in the drainage of public roads, which are another of the sources presence of mosquito larvae. From the consistory, however, they remember that they can only act in public spaces and plots of municipal property, but not in landscaped areas of residential areas or privately owned plots where there are also concentrations of stagnant water.

Likewise, municipal sources clarify that there is a protocol to carry out preventive actions against mosquito larvae and that this summer the concession company had already carried out a treatment in areas susceptible to the presence of mosquitoes.

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