Xerta, Aldover and Tivenys request the transfer of their interpretation centers

The mayors of Xerta, Aldover and Tivenys request the transfer of the three Ebro river interpretation centers built between 2008 and 2011 by the Ministry for Ecological Transition. The management of these centers is already assumed by the consistories themselves, but it supposes a financial extra effort, with very expensive insurance and maintenance work.

According to the mayors of Xerta, Roger Avinyó, of Tivenys, Eladi Galbe, and of Aldover, Rosalia Pegueroles, as well as the deputy of ERC in the Congress of Deputies, Norma Pujol, since 2011, the reception of the of the works of the centers by Acuamed. «Acuamed had to deliver the works of the center to the Ministry and then pass it on to the town councils and that has not happened. An equipment like this generated expectation in small towns like ours. An agreement to provisionally manage the centers was regulated, and we accepted it. The term ran out in 2019 and then in a hurry Acuamed threatened to close the centers if the agreement was not renewed again, although the delivery of the works was not resolved, "explained Avinyó.

Now the three municipalities have decided to make a "common front" to demand that this definitive transfer be made effective, which they have requested on different occasions and which they demanded again by letter to the General Directorate of Water, last March.

The ERC deputy in the Congress of Deputies, Norma Pujol, also sent a letter to the same effect in June, which has not been answered either, for which Pujol has announced parliamentary initiatives to challenge ministerial officials. “We ask for explanations. Speaking people understand each other. That they receive us and respond to us. We don't understand that silence," she said.

“The centers should have been completely transferred for eleven years. It is contempt and disregard for the people of the towns. We are still waiting for a response," declared the mayor of Tivenys, Eladi Galbe.

"We ask that this situation not be further delayed," said the mayor of Aldover, Rosalia Pegueroles. And it is that the agreements require extraordinary insurance from these consistories, apart from the civil liability of the municipalities, and the maintenance of facilities over which they lack control. In the case of Aldover, for example, only the maintenance of the building's wood will cost the municipal coffers this year 20,000 euros.

On the other hand, for the mayor of Xerta this model of interpretation centers "does not work" and they should be given a multipurpose use. "In Xerta the center is at the Via Verda station and we are interested in making it more dynamic because it is one of the main sad spots in the municipality," he said.

The interpretation centers, in addition to addressing the issue of water and the river, also review the history of each municipality. The Xerta interpretation center, dedicated to the uses of water, is located in the old Via Verda station. In Tivenys it is located in a municipal building and the theme goes over the saboga fishing system and the weir infrastructure. In the case of Aldover, a space of 411 square meters was built, made with tropical wood, and there is talk of the fauna and flora and the largest river beach that the river has in Terres de l'Ebre.

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