Where is the Salou gunman?

Saragossa street in Salou begins to hibernate. Summer 'officially' closes for the Pilar festivity and the almost permanent hustle and bustle of so many weeks dissolves with the arrival of autumn.

In this crowded pedestrian street, the El Abuelo restaurant took on an unwanted role on the night of May 9, when one of its diners received two shots at point-blank range that would ultimately cause his death.

The victim, a 24-year-old French citizen, was still breathing when the Salou Local Police arrived and then the Mossos d'Esquadra. But attempts to keep him alive were unsuccessful. His death was certified shortly before midnight and his body was recovered in the early hours of Tuesday, May 10.

His three attackers walked down Saragossa Street, from the sea to the mountains, and at the height of the restaurant terrace, in the chair where the victim was, they took out a short weapon and successfully shot him twice, in the chest.

One projectile entered below the clavicle and the other in the costal area, damaging vital organs. There was a third 9-millimeter projectile, which was embedded in the leg of one of the wicker chairs that this restaurant has.

After the shot, the three criminals (later it would be known that they were of the same nationality as the victim) fled on foot, one of them being neutralized by workers from another nearby restaurant. His cold blood allowed this member to be arrested by Mossos and sent to jail, after going to court. The other two vanished without anyone being able to find his whereabouts.

The investigation

News of the cold-blooded murder in the run-up to the summer season faded from the news as news was conspicuous by its absence. After locking up one of the three authors in jail (he was not the one who shot), the investigation moved to a more discreet level in order to locate the other two subjects, who everyone suspected had left Salou that same morning without losing time. Nothing was said about the victim either, only that she had rented a room in a hotel on Ponent Street.

Five months after what happened, the case is still not officially resolved. All sources indicate that the investigation is open and that the clues collected since that night in May are bearing fruit. But no one talks about whether there are more arrests and if so, where the two fugitive gunmen would have been located.

The only information that is not denied is that the two perpetrators of the crime went to their country, France, and sought a hiding place there. The investigation went to another level: international. From the Gallic country the two subjects were searched for and it is unknown if their whereabouts have been found or if the two fugitives have been identified and detained. No one escapes that a drug deal could be the background to this cold-blooded crime. And neither does anyone deny that the murder in Salou was an unforeseen variable, since the case, more complex, would all be located in France.

Although they are arguments without specifying, still no one officially opens the mouth of how the case is and leaves the uncertainty still in the air five months later.

It is true that outside official channels, the gestures of those who know the case in greater depth suggest that the end of the story and its explanations are closer than far. It will be a matter of waiting.

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