What is an electric pole doing in the middle of Torres Jordi avenue?

On Avenida Torres Jordi in Tarragona, very close to the roundabout that connects to Paseo de la Independència, there is a wooden pole with a braid of electrical cables that distorts the image.

This post, in addition to being old, is located in the center of one of the two paved lanes of the street (the image is not deceiving) and to prevent someone from running over it, it is protected by a row of concrete blocks (New Jersey ) medium yellow medium cement color.

On the 17th of this month, at mid-morning, a driver collided head-on with the first of the seven New Jerseys. He smashed part of the car and moved one of the concrete blocks. He emerged uninjured, but with enormous frustration at the cost of repairing the vehicle.

And the driver wondered what that cement wall was doing in the middle of the road and why it was without any signage. The truth is that the image of the row of concrete and the wooden pole distort the image of an area of ​​the city in the process of modernization, with elegant, multi-storey buildings and paved streets, sidewalks and new lampposts.

But of course, the power line must be maintained until the change of location is made. And in this bureaucratic process, the urban reform has gone faster than the transfer of this power line that starts at the roundabout of Paseo Independència, continues on this isolated post and continues with other wooden poles along one sidewalk before crossing to the other being a thick black line in the sky of this avenue in Tarragona.

The City Council is aware of this fact. He quickly points to the Endesa company as responsible for relocating this electrical layout. And the company, aware of the case, explains that the story must go back to the private construction of the housing blocks on this section of the avenue. A work that was accompanied by a different urban layout and a transfer of the line.

The first is already finished, the second is pending a transfer. Endesa points out that its role in this power line is to supervise and connect, but until this private work is finished and as a customer they request the connection, it cannot be predicted how long the pole will be in the center of the lane.

The neighbors have already gotten used to the landscape and those who occasionally pass through the street are surprised by the concrete wall and the pole at one end. It is curious that at the same height as this 'lane' delimited by New Jerseys there is a free parking area that must be stepped on to be able to circulate. What if someone parked in these spaces where there is no temporary prohibition sign anywhere? Would the City Council fine for parking correctly even if it leaves vehicles without access?

Regardless of who should remove the pole from the road and guarantee safe use of the avenue, as long as this does not happen, it would not hurt to illuminate or signpost this provisional area correctly so that the accident on the 17th is not repeated with other vehicles and with the risk of damage and more serious injuries.

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