"We wanted to innovate and be up to date"

What are the origins of the company?

Compossar was born in 1984 and offered prepress services for printers, advertising agencies and the media. Over the years we have innovated, incorporated new processes and machinery and offered new services. We are a team of 18 people, we have two warehouses in the Polígon Francolí and we do more varied services: signage, digital signage, laser engraving, etc.

What does your innovative project consist of?

The project comes as a result of our sector, that of graphic arts, since the 2008 crisis and with its popularization on the Internet, presents fierce competition. Profitability is down, and one way to look for one is to improve productivity and follow new trends. We want to improve productivity through the digitization of processes. The issue of new trends includes reducing our carbon footprint, for the territory and for implying an improvement in the quality of the product and the image of the company.

Why have they entered the contest?

Our sector has been dominated mainly by SMEs run by professionals who have had to act as entrepreneurs. The business facet was in the background. We have always wanted to innovate and be up to date, but we also had to strengthen the business side. I joined the company a few years ago, as the second generation, I am leading this change with my training and my father's experience. We saw the award and we found it interesting both for the companies and projects that are presented and for the award itself: a communication campaign in the Tarragona Newspaper when, precisely, one of the objectives is to improve the recognition of Compossar in the Camp de Tarragona.

What does it mean for the company to be a finalist and possible winner of the awards?

The feeling was one of pride, being one of the eight finalists, of all those that will have been presented, is a sign that our work is recognized, we are doing things well and we have an interesting project. Those that have been presented and I have been seeing are very good, and it is an honor to be among them.

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