“We offer a product with great added value”

Microalgae Lab, a company located in Tarragona, is a microalgae treatment plant that, since 2020, has been carrying out treatments with spirulina, a product of great nutritional value, to market it. His initiative has been one of the eight finalists for the BBVA Prize for business innovation in Tarragona, which will be presented in the Diari on November 24.

What are the origins of the company?

We started with the first microalgae project, which were the first unicellular organisms on Earth. We chose the spirulina.

What does your project consist of?

The Microalgae project is the first microalgae plant in Catalonia, which is also 100% self-sustainable. It is supplied by solar energy and rainwater. We do not generate nitrate or phosphate waste, nor do we emit CO2, since we consume twice as much as we generate. The project itself is the cultivation of spirulina, carrying out the drying, filtering and processing process, obtaining dry spirulina as the first product in powder, noodles and tablets. The product is 100% natural and handmade. In the background we make the natural extraction of a pigment from spirulina that has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties, and 50% protein. We believe that it can be released on the market soon and be a very interesting product.

Why have they entered the contest?

The project is already at an advanced stage, and we believe we have a finished product to bring to market. We are finding that we are in a very minority sector, so this advertising could do us good, on a broad level, since we do not have the means to carry out advertising and marketing campaigns.

What does it mean for the company to be a finalist and possible winner of the awards?

Winning the prizes would be important to make ourselves known, to be able to carry out quality advertising and marketing of a product with great added value in a minority sector and a little-known product. It would allow us to grow as a company and as a project.

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