“We have tools and desire to innovate”

What are the origins of the company?

We started by conducting an online training course on organ donation at the national level and it was a success for the participants and for the teachers. This encouraged us to create the company, more than 8 years have passed and we have carried out projects for more than 12 countries and companies from all sectors.

What does your innovative project consist of?

Trivia is a platform that offers guided and gamified itineraries accessible with any mobile device with an Internet connection. Throughout our lives we are constantly learning things, not only during our studies. This also happens when, for example, we travel to a town we don't know. The main objective of Trivia is to promote the wealth offered by the cultural and natural heritage of the different locations. The platform has routes that offer the user the chance to go around and get to know emblematic points, places, shops and businesses that may be of interest to them, discover the history and at the same time play a treasure hunt by solving small games.

Why have they entered the contest?

We are aware that the tourism sector has been affected by the pandemic. We have contributed to the recovery of tourism, contributing our experience in the creation of platforms and online courses. He is a pilot and there is still a long way to go, but we wanted to contribute our bit. If we are capable of digitizing training, why not do it with other sectors of the territory such as tourism? We have the digital tools, the desire to innovate, the experience in the sector and the tourist resources that the towns themselves offer us.

What does it mean for the company to be a finalist and possible winner of the awards?

It means that our team works, that we do things well and now we receive recognition for it, we are super happy. If we win, it would be a starting point to continue the development of the project and dedicate more time and resources to it, without a doubt it would be a boost that would contribute to the territory and encourage us to continue, 'to infinity and beyond'.

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