"We are very disappointed, but it was a death foretold"

One week after the announcement of the closure of Ercros in Flix, the spirits in the municipality are very weak. Some residents oscillate between sadness and the hope that another industrial activity can be implemented. Others see it as "very black."

The Employment Regulation File (ERE) of the Ercros plant in Flix will affect 41 of the 48 workers on the staff, as explained by the firm's management in the works council. The members of the committee met in an assembly with the rest of the staff after the meeting with management, giving them the explanations of those responsible for the plant. For now, the possibility of maintaining the activity is closed, and the management also does not anticipate the possibility of using money from the nuclear fund to continue. The 7 people that would remain on the staff would perform tasks not related to production. As for the 41 affected, 32 are over 55 years of age and the intention would be to direct them towards retirement or early retirement, depending on their age. For the remaining 9, the firm gives the possibility of relocating them to other plants. Now the ERE negotiating table has been set up and a schedule of meetings has been established to agree on the closing conditions. Next week the representatives of the workers will meet with the business director of Ercros, Paco España, who will explain in detail the reasons that have led the firm's managers to decide to close the Flix plant.

«It was a death announced, but we did not expect it now. The town will be dead, all the workers have been working for many years and are residents of the town. The problem is that many are already 40 or 50 years old and are starting to have children who are studying, for example,” says Raquel, a 61-year-old neighbor. "Ercros had been here for 125 years and they have not invested in the town, they have let it die."

"Young people were no longer being hired and we saw that the factory would end...", comments Meritxell, 33, for her part. "But we are hopeful that everyone can get out in good condition. We don't have more companies here, perhaps people will have to go to Tortosa or Lleida».

A worker from a subcontracted company who prefers to remain anonymous explains that the closure has not yet been communicated to them and she does not know when she will finish working or what conditions she will have. "The town is very bad. Angry and disappointed. It was an announced death, but you always have the hope that it would last a little longer », she explains. Mercedes, 80 years old, has a son who has also worked in a subcontracted company for 32 years. “Right now we still haven't digested it. We are all half expectant. If it really closes, it seems very bad to me: this will affect the economy of the entire town, it is a chain. But we believe that they will have to do something, we have hope ».

Young people also see it as a challenge for the future of the municipality. "I have opted to live in the town, but it will cost more and more if we don't have work in the municipality," says Marta, 27.

José Domingo, 65, is a former worker at the factory: he worked for 44 years "in good conditions", in a workshop and occupational risk prevention. "He is pitiful. This will be a town of retirees and when we march there will be no life, if something else does not come », he says.

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