“We are changing the driving school model”

What are the origins of the company?

The company was created by my father in 1983. It started in L'Espluga de Francolí. Little by little it spread throughout the province, and now we are present in Montblanc, Reus and Tarragona. This is an important moment because we are in the process of generational change. The second generation, which is my brother and I, is entering. It is a time of change.

What does your innovative project consist of?

We are aware of the importance of technology, and my brother, who is dedicated to all things digital, is leading us in that direction. The training is always the same, we train drivers, but we want to get out of that driving school paradigm and function as a driving school. So, we introduce technology, both in internal processes and with the client. In the case of the client, we have created a digital platform exclusively for companies, so that from there they can manage courses, as well as streamline processes. One thing we are doing is introducing technology into vehicles, something few are doing. This technology is used to parameterize all the data of the vehicles, being able to share them with the student at the end. This is important for companies: knowing the fuel they have consumed, for example, and studying how to reduce that consumption. The program records consumption, sudden braking, engine revolutions, speed, etc.

Why have they entered the contest?

We have a good relationship with BBVA, we have always gone hand in hand, and they told us about it. For us it is an opportunity to make ourselves known and show that we are changing the driving school model in the demarcation. We recently created the first driving school for professional drivers. We want to go to training 'in a big way', beyond teaching how to drive.

What does it mean for the company to be a finalist and possible winner of the awards?

It is very important, because within this communication strategy that we have, the Diari is an important pillar, since it has many readers in Tarragona. It is important to be able to show this project to the province.

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