Vila-seca will open the Celler area with the remodeling of one of its warehouses

Vila-seca will soon begin the adaptation of the Celler environment, a space that it bought nine months ago from the Agricultural Cooperative and that should serve to complete the transformation of this area of ​​the municipality. At the moment, the City Council has approved a credit modification of 100,000 euros that will be used to adapt one of the old agricultural warehouses that are next to the new cultural facility. In this case, the remodeling should serve to provide the Xiquets de Vila-seca with a space for their activities.

«The group needs a place of their own where they can express themselves and where they can carry out their activities. Not only rehearse, it should also serve to give more social life. It is something very positive and an important step”, celebrates the president of the entity, Héctor Soler. The collawhich has closed the castellera season recovering part of the social mass that was lost during the pandemic, currently has sixty active members. In recent months they have been rehearsing in different spaces on loan such as the Ateneu Pi i Margall, El Fènix, some school or on the same street. “Having our own premises will help us attract more people and keep them. Historically this has been the case with all gang of our environment, who have experienced a moment of consolidation by having their own premises. will give us a hot and a new life for the colla”, says Soler.

Specifically, the space that will be remodeled is the old warehouse for the Cooperative's olives, which was operational until last year's campaign and which previously also housed the mill and the oil tanks. Now, the municipal technical services are working on the drafting of a valued report that will define the works to adapt the warehouse as a rehearsal space for the Xiquets. Basically, the action must serve to adapt the pavements and the ventilation of the building. In addition to the main nave, with a surface area of ​​about 260 square meters and a height sufficient to test the human tower constructions, the space has a small adjoining building that is communicated internally and that will also house other activities of the entity. The forecast is that the premises may be available to the Xiquets de Vila-seca at the end of spring.

The works will serve to adapt the old warehouse and will be ready next spring

“We have been working hand in hand with the colla to find an appropriate site for them to develop their essays. We were looking for a central location and, in addition, it also has an outdoor space that will be used by the Xiquets to organize events”, says the Councilor for Culture of Vila-seca, Manuela Moya.

Likewise, the councilor details that this is a temporary solution, since this area annexed to the former headquarters of the Cooperative is designed to be incorporated in the future into the cultural pole that makes up the Celler and the Castell. “It is a temporary transfer, with a long term. In the city we have many projects underway and very powerful, but a balance must be sought while we find a definitive solution. In addition, we make use of this space that we already have, "explains Moya.

Purchase from the Cooperative

The City Council acquired this space from the Agricultural Cooperative last February for an amount of 560,000 euros. Apart from the warehouse that will be adapted for the Xiquets, the farm has a surface area of ​​3,146 square meters, which includes two other buildings that housed agricultural uses, as well as outdoor spaces that are integrated into the Celler environment.

Along with this plot, the council also bought the facilities of the Sant Antoni Street Cooperative, which include the Agrobotiga, the office area and the warehouse, in a space that adjoins the streets of La Font and Riera. In this case, the City Council paid 690,000 euros and will be able to make use of the space once the Agricultural Cooperative moves its activity to the Alba industrial estate, where it is already finalizing the works of its new headquarters. At the moment, the uses that this central space will have have not been defined, which, yes, will become a new public facility.

They will install public toilets on the Paseo de La Pineda

The credit modification approved in the last plenary session also served to incorporate an item of 255,000 euros that will be used for the acquisition and installation of six adapted toilets that will be located on the La Pineda promenade. Specifically, five toilets will be installed along the beach that will go next to current shower areas and walkways and another one in the surroundings of Pinar de Perruquet, next to the new lifeguard module that will be enabled. These works, which are included in the Pla de Millora del Passeig Marítim, also include the channeling works for the new toilets. The forecast is that they can be operational for the next tourist season.

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