Vila-seca is committed to calming traffic around playgrounds

Vila-seca will convert the section of Sant Jordi street next to the Parc de la Formiga, between the streets of Riera and Monterols, into a pedestrian area next year. This action is part of the City Council's strategy to pacify road traffic in the vicinity of playgrounds and public gardens in the municipality. In this way, it is intended to gain more spaces for people without eliminating the circulation of vehicles, but introducing measures to reduce the risk of accidents due to the interaction between cars and people.

In this case, the works will serve to rearrange all the space that exists next to the Parc de la Formiga to give priority to pedestrians. Thus, it is planned to convert the stretch of street that exists between the sports court and the children's playground into a single platform, up to the limit with the beginning of the buildings. In this area, the existing parking spaces will be removed and the current road space will be paved at the same level as the sidewalks.

On the other hand, the action also aims to modify the public space for bar terraces to promote a continuous flow of pedestrians. Thus, it is planned that a line of trees will be planted to serve as a separation between the terraces of the bars and the passage of people.

Likewise, the existing green areas will also be conditioned with the incorporation of new street furniture and the creation of a green wall that separates the park space from the vehicle circulation area. In total, work will be done on an area of ​​4,628.36 mtwo. It should be remembered that last year a profound transformation was carried out at this point with the comprehensive renovation of the La Formiga park.

The works, which will cost close to 170,000 euros, will be tendered before the end of the year and should be ready before next summer. "Now we do this action to generate the feeling that the entire park is a single square, but this is part of a more ambitious project that we will carry out in the medium term," advances the mayor, Pere Segura. In this sense, the possibility of permanently closing this section of track to traffic or maintaining the mobile bollard system to close the passage to vehicles only at certain hours of the day is still being studied. A mechanism that has been used for five years during the afternoons of July and August.

«The space will be prepared to be able to close it to traffic, but that is something that has not yet been decided. At the moment, what we want to promote is that there are no obstacles for pedestrians”, Segura clarifies. In any case, only the part of the street that adjoins the park would be closed to traffic, leaving free access to the car parks of the buildings from Monterols street.

Palomino transformation

This action will be the prelude to a deeper transformation of the urban space that the council is planning and that will focus on the Colomí neighborhood. In the coming weeks, a comprehensive project is expected to be announced for a new arrangement of the public outdoor spaces in this neighborhood and around the train station. Among the objectives is to remove architectural barriers and the generation of common spaces for walking, playing and sports.

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