Two off-duty police officers arrest suspect in assaulting octogenarian couple

An octogenarian couple who was withdrawing money from an ATM on the Rambla Nova in Tarragona in broad daylight was the victim of a violent robbery by an individual, who pushed them to get the loot: 880 euros.

But the criminal did not count that his action would be observed by a city guard, who came out behind the thief. Said persecution was seen by a local police officer from Salou who was in his vehicle. She stopped and also joined. In the end, the offender ended up arrested and the money returned to the rightful owners of him.

Around five in the afternoon last Friday, a couple was withdrawing money from the outdoor ATM that BBVA has at number 111 of the Rambla Nova, at the height of the Monument als Castellers. She is 82 years old and her husband is a few years older – he is on crutches since he walks with difficulty.

At that time, an agent who was with his son just out of school saw from a distance an individual with dark clothes and a mask from the central coca de la Rambla who was crossing the grassy area in the direction of the ATM, which seemed suspicious to him. .

The guard saw a man and a woman at the teller who appeared to be withdrawing money. The suspect approached, turned his head to look at the secret number and pushed the two people, without them falling.

He then began to manipulate the ATM, while continuing to push the victims with one of his hands and with the other he waited for the bills. Even while he was carrying out the robbery, his cap fell off.

Seeing that it was a robbery, the urban guard began to run towards the place. He yelled "stop, police," as he called for patrols. The thief put something in his pocket and began to run in the direction of the Font del Centenari, followed by the agent

And along the same Rambla, a few meters ahead of the guard, a local police officer from Salou was circulating with his family, who was stopped at a traffic light. Upon detecting the chase, the agent got out of the vehicle and joined her. And at the height of Font del Centenari he managed to catch up with the criminal. Moments before, he had thrown the money under a car, from where he was later recovered.

Meanwhile, the urban guard went in search of the victims so that they could file a complaint. The woman said that nothing had been stolen from them. But the policeman insisted that they did. "You do it to me, I can't," she told him. And the guard checked and saw that they had extracted 880 euros.

The suspect is a 30-year-old Romanian citizen and resident of Barcelona. He had already been arrested on five previous occasions in less than a year, three of them for robbery with violence or intimidation and also for theft. The policeman accompanied the two elderly people to the police station to take their statements.

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