Two Godall neighbors found dead from carbon monoxide inhalation

A man and a woman between the ages of 61 and 54 have been found dead inside a Godall home.

As reported by the Mossos d'Esquadra, the indications point to a death by inhalation of carbon monoxide. The couple lacked electricity and used a generator inside their home. This generator set did not have any kind of ventilation.

The events took place on Sant Josep street, according to the mayor of Godall, Alexis Albiol, who regretted the events. Albiol details that the couple was not from the town, but that they had been living for a while and were known, since they cared for the elderly.

It was the residents of the town who gave notice that they had not seen the couple for days and that their cars did not move from their place. Relatives were also located who found that they had not heard from them for days. When they were found this Sunday, they would have been dead for a few days, and the generator set was already stopped without fuel.

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