Tried for stealing a moped, and assaulting a woman in Vilallonga del Camp and a gas station in Tarragona

More than nine years in prison is the sentence requested by the Tarragona Prosecutor's Office for a criminal – with multiple previous convictions – now prosecuted for stealing a motorcycle in Constantí, which he later used to hold up a Tarragona gas station and hold a woman's bag. in Vilallonga del Camp.

The trial for this case will reach the Second Section of the Provincial Court of Tarragona next Tuesday.

The defendant is a Spanish citizen previously convicted on at least nine occasions for robbery with force and robbery with violence. The prosecutor, in his provisional conclusions, recounts that in the early morning of June 7 to 8, 2015, the defendant went to Catalunya de Constantí avenue. He forced the starter cylinder of a Keeway moped and started it.

With the moped he went to a gas station located on Sofre street in the Riuclar industrial estate. Once there, he went inside the establishment wearing a helmet, which hid his features, in order to avoid being discovered.

He met the worker of the establishment. She showed him a kind of boat while she told him: "Give me all the money, quick, quick."

He told her to go to the counter, where the cash register was. She told him again: "Give me all the money, give it to me." She got 25 euros, at which point the robber told the woman: "Give me the bottom, the bottom or I'll kill you, pretty." She got another 100 euros. She then left with the moped.

Next, the defendant went to Vilallonga del Camp. At the bus stop, on the Valls road, there was a woman. The defendant, after getting out of the vehicle and wearing his helmet – which hid his features from him – gave it a sudden and unexpected jerk, causing the victim to fall to the ground.

A struggle began because the defendant tried to seize the bag, while dragging the complainant across the pavement. Finally, the man exhibited a wooden stick, thus getting the bag and returning to the moped.

The offender's action was criticized by two people who were walking down the street. One of them followed him and snatched his handbag, which was returned to her owner. The defendant abandoned both the motorcycle and the helmet, then fled.

broke open the trunk

The defendant, before leaving the vehicle, after fracturing the moped's fixings, seized the trunk located in the back, with a helmet inside, a pair of leather gloves, various documentation, a raincoat and a padlock, objects which have been valued at 283 euros.

The damages caused to the moped – fracture of the chains, the lid of the gasoline tank and the starter cylinder – amount to 642 euros.

The Prosecutor's Office requests six and a half years in prison for robbery with intimidation, two years and nine months for attempted robbery with violence, a fine of 2,700 euros for the theft of the use of a motor vehicle and 405 for a crime of theft . The aggravating circumstance of multiple recidivism and disguise have been taken into account.

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