Traffic accident deaths double in Tarragona

The province of Tarragona has registered 35 fatalities so far this year. These data provided by the Servei de Trànsit include those who died up to October 31.

The balance of accidents for the same period last year showed only 18 deaths, which represents a considerable increase in deaths due to traffic accidents in the demarcation. However, compared to the 2019 report, a slight decrease is reflected since 39 people lost their lives that year.

This 2022, the Baix Ebre region is the one that has had the most fatalities this year (10), followed by Tarragonès (8). In addition, this October there have been 2 fatalities in traffic accidents on the roads of Tarragona, 4 less than the same month of 2019.

As for vulnerable groups, 9 motorcyclists, 1 cyclist and 6 pedestrians have died in the province.

More than a hundred deaths in Catalonia

As for the general data for all of Catalonia, from January to October 131 people have died in 119 fatal accidents. Until October 2019, before the pandemic, 157 people lost their lives in 144 fatal accidents. Regarding the number of fatalities, a reduction of 16.6% is registered compared to 2019.

On the other hand, the set of people killed or seriously injured this 2022 on Catalan roads has been 716, 13.1% less than in 2019, when there were 824. The number of fatal or serious accidents has also been reduced by 15, 9% compared to 2019 (from 687 to 578).

During the month of October of this 2022, 8 people have died on the interurban road network, 13 less than the same month of 2019 (20), the reference year before the pandemic. It should be noted that these months of September and October have been the least deadly months of the year on Catalan roads, after March, which registered 7 dead people.

As of October 31, 79% of registered fatalities are men (104) and 21% are women (27). Among the 104 men killed in traffic accidents, 88 were drivers, 3 passengers and 12 were pedestrians. As for women, 13 were drivers, 10 were passengers and 4 were pedestrians.

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