Tortosa starts the acts of commemoration of the 750 years of the Consolat de Mar

Yesterday afternoon, the Felip Pedrell Auditorium in Tortosa hosted the opening ceremony of the commemorative year «3/4 of the Millennium. Consolat de Mar”, on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the birth of this institution. This 2022 also marks the 750th anniversary of the Book of Customs of Tortosa, the first legal code written in Catalan, of high historical value. Tortosa's text served, in part, as the basis for the Book of the Consulate.

The Customs of the Sea, which are part of the Customs of Tortosa, are the embryo of the Book of the Consulate of the Sea, considered the first international trade code written in Catalan, that is to say: one of Catalonia's greatest contributions to the Western world the history of world law. After the birth of the first Consulate of the Sea in the 13th century, the institution was replicated throughout the Mediterranean and the Book was translated into Italian, French, Dutch, English and German, among other languages. Last July, Tortosa became the setting from which the preparations for the commemoration were kicked off. Three months later, Tortosa's historical role as the cradle of maritime law, as the river and maritime port capital of our country in the Middle Ages and as a living witness to the open, enterprising, mediating and dialoguing character of Catalonia has been reclaimed. .

Yesterday's show told the story of the Customs of the Sea and the Consolat de Mar. It included a musical journey by Marina Rossell, who was accompanied by artists from the Catalan Countries and the Mediterranean: Arturo Gaya from Tortosa, Carles Dénia from Valencia, Joana Gomila from Mallorca, Davide Casu from Alghero or the Araboccitan trio Anda-lutz. Small very didactic audiovisual capsules were also projected to understand some of the laws and rights regulated by these books.

The mayor of Tortosa, Meritxell Roigé, claimed the historical importance that Tortosa has had over the centuries, in part because of the Ebro River. Roigé announced the reissue of the book of Tortosa Customs, also in current Catalan, to bring it closer to everyone type of audiences. Yesterday's act also vindicated the mediation. The Senior Consul Jordi Domingo recalled how mediation avoids the judicialization of conflicts, seeking "the best possible solution for both parties, so there are no winners or losers".

The president of the Generalitat Pere Aragonès, for his part, valued the great milestone of the Consolat in the history of Catalonia, since "it explains the way of being of the country". "We turned the Mediterranean into a sea of ​​opportunity and shared progress," he stated.

Now a series of acts are beginning to publicize the Consolat de Mar and its function. As he explains in Daily the curator of the celebration, Marçal Girbau, «despite the history of the Consolat de Mar and the importance it has had throughout this time, its relevance (not only nationally but also internationally) is inversely proportional to the knowledge that citizens have . And this is what we want to reverse. There is a lot of ignorance."

For this reason, the program of events includes a traveling historiographical exhibition, an outreach campaign, the publication of educational material for schools, the organization of various university symposiums, an international mediation congress, the design of an interactive video game that brings history closer from the institution to the younger public and a gastronomic action as a cookbook. «The Consolat was also a key entity in the distribution of certain foods and recipes throughout the Mediterranean and ended up bringing to our kitchen dishes and recipes that we are very familiar with. But also with the Consolat, Catalan cuisine was exported around the world”, explains Girbau.

The Book of Customs of Tortosa is the first legal code written in Catalan

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