Tortosa installs more than a hundred new bicycle parking spaces

Tortosa City Council has installed more than a hundred new parking lots for bicycles and scooters in various parts of the city. These are car parks in the shape of an inverted U, which make it easier for users to chain personal mobility vehicles with better restraint.

The installation of the new elements has been carried out in around thirty points. The majority, around the educational centers of the city, such as the three secondary education institutes or the primary schools. In addition, new parking spaces have been installed next to cultural facilities such as the Felip Pedrell auditorium theater, the Tortosa Museum, the House of Music or the Tortosa Provincial Council Art School, as well as social facilities, including the Civic Center of Ferries.

In the same way, they have also been located around health facilities such as the Santa Cruz de Jesús hospital or the CAP del Temple (in Plaça de les Corts Catalanes and next to Plaça del Carrilet). Together with sports facilities, such as the Temple pavilion, the Remolins pavilion or the WIN Sports Complex in Ferreries, where the existing ones have been renovated and their number has been increased.

Also, next to communication nodes, such as the train station or the bus station, or central points, such as the Teodor González Park, the access to the river pier, the Paiolet square or the Ribera promenade, among others.

The work to install these new elements continues at this time and contemplates the installation in new points during the next few days.

"The objective of the action is to make it easier for bicycle and scooter users to park their vehicles more comfortably and, in this way, take another step in promoting sustainable mobility in the municipality," they say from the government municipal.

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