Tortosa commemorates the Day for the Elimination of Sexist Violence

More than 400 young people and adolescents were yesterday morning the protagonists of the act to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Sexist Violence in Tortosa.

After the institutional parliaments, the young people took the stage to carry out a candle lighting by the students of 4th ESO and Vocational Training. The 25N Manifesto of this 2022 was also read. The act each year involves the adolescents of the city to raise awareness about respect for women, from the smallest gestures or comments that they can find in their day to day.

This was followed by different performances, such as the theatrical clip "Pandemic" by the Municipal Theater School and a dance show with the students of the Neus Rodés Dance Center: on the one hand the "Remix Hip Hop", with choreography by Edgar Cid, and on the other the piece "Ets", with music by the singer-songwriter Monse Castellano and choreography by Neus Rodés.

«All the schools and institutes of the municipality participate. Unfortunately today we meet again here. And I say unfortunately because it would be nice not to have to do that act. But there continues to be violence and deaths of women in the country, and there are still attacks. That is why we must continue working on this education and values ​​so that these attacks do not take place”, declared the mayoress of Tortosa, Meritxell Roigé, who also thanked the educational centers for their participation.

This year the Women's Information and Advice Service, known as SIAD, has carried out a hundred care services in the city. This year the City Council has extended this service to the towns and EMDs of Tortosa "so that there is better accessibility", as explained by the Councilor for Social Action and Equality of the Tortosa City Council, Mònica Ripoll. "We believe decentralizing care is an improvement."

Throughout this week, different Ebrense municipalities also celebrate acts against sexist violence.

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