Three arrested for assaulting with violence and firearm a house in Cabra del Camp where marijuana was dried

The Mossos d'Esquadra have arrested three people allegedly involved in a 'narco-assault' with violence and a firearm in a house in Cabra del Camp where marijuana was dried for distribution. The assault occurred on September 30 around one in the morning in a house located in the Mas del Plata urbanization.

A call to the 112 emergency telephone number and a call from an alarm company allowed the police to reach the scene in a few minutes and locate three of the thieves in a van in front of the home. The Mossos also arrested the two people who were inside the house for crimes against public health, in its drug possession variant.

The assault began at dawn when a group of men entered the farm by jumping the outer wall, reached the door of the home and began to hit it with a blunt object until they managed to access it. Once inside, one of the assailants, who was brandishing a shotgun, hit one of the two people who were inside with the butt of the gun, causing several injuries. At the same time, the group entered one of the rooms and took an undetermined amount of marijuana that was in the drying process, prior to its distribution.

Once the Mossos verified the infrastructure of the house, and the existence of marijuana in amounts compatible with drug trafficking, the two people who were in the home were arrested. At the same time, the agents carried out a search of the parked vehicle: traces of marijuana buds were found, one of the mobile phones of one of the residents in the robbed house and a mallet allegedly used to clear the door. For that reason, the three men who were in the van were also arrested.

The investigators work with the hypothesis that the three assailants were accompanied by other people who were able to flee before the arrival of the patrols and took the marijuana. The investigation is still open and more arrests are not ruled out.

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