They send Badaoui to the BCN Foreign Internment Center and the deportation is once again in the hands of the Interior

The activist Mohamed Said Badaoui, who is subject to an expulsion order from the country for an alleged crime of indoctrination "with the dissemination of radical pro-jihadist postulates" and whom the National Court announced this Thursday, October 20, that it ratified his expulsion from Spain, has come to the guard court of Reus to testify this Friday, October 21. He has done so after having been detained since Tuesday at the La Verneda police station in Barcelona and having arrived in Madrid yesterday morning. The transfer to the capital of Baix Camp de Badaoui has even surprised Badaoui's own lawyer, Iván Jiménez.

The lawyer explained to Daily this Thursday that, until then, he did not know where his client was and this Friday, when leaving the courts, he stated that the National Police had requested his admission to the Center d'Internament d'Estrangers (CIE) in Barcelona and that For now, Mohamed will not be deported. "Now everything is back in the hands of the Ministry of the Interior," said Jiménez, who asks the Ministry of the Interior for consistency. «If you have to take a person to carry out the expulsion to Madrid and you don't do it, you have to be brave and stop the expulsion. Now we just have to wait », he said.

«We have attended a ceremony of confusion»

From now on, they will present the appeal against the car, because Badaoui «is already in a CIE, but do they want to expel him? I guess not, because he already left in Madrid and was about to be expelled and, in the end, this exit has not been made effective, what happened? », Jiménez asked. The lawyer has acknowledged that "we have witnessed a ceremony of absolute and total confusion", because "since yesterday morning, the exit from the country of Badaoui and, also of Amarouch Azbir, detained in Vilanova i la Geltrú, had already been processed. and similar case”.

With the case of Azbir, who has also been arrested this week and whose case Jiménez is also leading, "the same thing will happen." «There is a ray of hope, we have seen a presumed will that the expulsions will stop, we are optimistic. The definitive freedom can come from the legal term of presentation of the appeal, before 60 days everything has to be resolved, we will know if they leave it or what they do », he has exposed.

“They had plenty of time to execute the expulsion, but they didn't want to. I interpret that there is a presumed administrative act », she has pointed out. Jiménez added that, in the case, "political and legal issues have been mixed, because I have been dealing with this type of case for years and have never seen anything like it."

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