They reform part of the Jesús market to expand the medical office

The EMD de Jesús has carried out the first joint work visit with technicians from the Catalan Health Institute for the reform of the town's market to provisionally build three new surgeries to decongest the current doctor's office, until the new CAP ( Primary Care Center) becomes a reality next year.

For years now, both the Jesús EMD and the Tortosa City Council have been asking for an improvement to solve the space problems suffered by the current medical dispensary in the municipality, which has 4,000 inhabitants. The current government team of the EMD de Jesús requested the construction of a new CAP as early as 2015 "and until 2018 we had no response," according to the president of the EMD de Jesús, Víctor Ferrando.

Jesús' office has become too small for the town's population: it only has three consultation rooms and to access another room you must go through one of them; the waiting room is very small, the professionals do not have their own space and there is no storage for material.

“With the safe routes due to the Covid pandemic, it has been impossible to organize spaces, and right now with the vaccination campaigns, many older people must be waiting on the street. In addition to the neighbors, we also ask for the conditions in which the professionals themselves work. We have three doctors and three nurses and it is impossible to pass visits to all, "explains the president. "We can't go on like this any longer."

For this reason, the Jesús EMD met before the summer with the manager of the Terres de l'Ebre Health Region, Joan Nin, and agreed on a provisional solution until the future CAP is finished, in order to decongest and improve conditions of the current medical dispensary. Thus, the EMD de Jesús has transferred 75% of the market, which is located in the same building as the medical clinic, but with a different entrance.

«In this way, we maintain the only stop in the market that there is and the rest of the space we give it to carry out three new queries. It is a practical solution”, considers Ferrando.

In a few days the work will begin, and the forecast is that the work will take about two months, so that it could be finished before the end of the year or early next year.

The works will consist of an interior redistribution of the space, but the president points out that "it is not a very complex work" since, among others, the existing water and sanitation installation is used.

Waiting for the new CAP

At the same time, the town awaits the start-up at the end of the start-up works of the new CAP. And it is that more than three years ago the Tortosa City Council ceded the land to the Department of Health for the construction of the new Jesús medical dispensary. From the Tortosa City Council itself, speed was requested in this regard, due to the space problems suffered by the office.

The new center will be located within the grounds of the Hospital de la Santa Cruz de Jesús, in front of the library and Punt Jove of the town.

"If all goes well, it should be at the end of 2023 or at the beginning of 2024," says President Ferrando.

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