They claim to extend the hours of the La Pineda medical office

The plenary session of the Vila-seca City Council will debate a proposal to demand that the Government of the Generalitat extend the opening hours to the public at the La Pineda medical office, which depends on the Àrea Bàsica de Salut de Vila-seca. Currently, the center is only open from Monday to Friday, between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. For emergencies outside of that time slot, patients must go to the CAR in Vila-seca. Neighbors and users of the facility see the need for primary care also in the evenings and on weekends.

The initiative, proposed by the municipal group of Vila-seca en Comú, urges the hours to be extended and the conditions of the services offered by the clinic to be improved. «This was one of the proposals that the residents of La Pineda transferred to us and it was our commitment to carry it out before the end of the mandate. Not everyone has the facilities to travel to go to the doctor in Vila-seca or is available to go in the morning, for work reasons, for example”, explains Mario Téllez, spokesperson for the group.

In this sense, Julia, a neighbor of La Pineda, points out that «ideally it would be open every afternoon. Many people live here all year round and it is a delay that we have to go to Vila-seca or Tarragona so that the specialist can visit us having an office here». "There are only two doctors and you find that they give you very late appointments, something that did not happen before," laments another neighbor from the neighborhood, Maritxu, who defends that the care is of quality but believes that "with more hours or more doctors , there would be more time to make appointments and less waiting ».

In Jerónimo's opinion, “it would be good if there were more hours of service. Sometimes you find that you call on the phone and they do not answer you ». Along the same lines, Pilar considers that “having to go to Vila-seca if you feel unwell is a chore. If you're sick, in my case I don't have a car and I have to take the bus, which runs one every hour, it's an added problem.

On the contrary, another neighbor, Zacarías, expresses that “of course everything can be improved, but here it is very rare to find a queue and the schedules are respected. You have to be realistic and, for the people in La Pineda, the office service is enough. In July and August it does need to be reinforced.

Pediatrician, one day only

Another user of the office raises another problem among the families of La Pineda and criticizes that the pediatrician only visits on Fridays. «Now I have to go to the emergency room in Vila-seca because there is no pediatrician service here until Friday. Also, since they only open in the morning, you have to take the child out of school to take him to the doctor. We have been asking for more days to come for a long time, but we still don't know anything », she assures.

Although the proposal was scheduled to be debated in the November plenary session, which is held tomorrow, finally the motion of the Comuns has not entered the agenda and is moved to the December plenary session, on a date yet to be defined. The proposal also includes a request to the Government to expand the health budget for primary care. Specifically, they ask that 25% of the financing be allocated -currently it is 17%-, as recommended by the WHO. "The pandemic has to serve as a turning point to rethink the public health system and strengthen access to the right to health," they defend.

Reinforcement of personnel and hours in the summer months

In La Pineda there are around 3,400 people on the census, a number of residents that multiplies in the summer months due to the arrival of tourists and the population of second homes. That is why, between June and September, each year the medical office is reinforced with more staff and longer hours. Specifically, in the special device for this summer, the center increased its opening hours by one hour, until 3 in the afternoon. Even so, from Vila-seca in Comú they consider that this extension falls short to meet with guarantees the volume of people who reside in La Pineda in summer, especially due to the lack of service on weekends.

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