They ask 17 years for shooting and stabbing a man in Reus

The Tarragona Prosecutor's Office requests 17 years in prison – the private prosecution raises the request to 26 – for a Reus neighbor accused first of shooting a neighbor with a pistol and later stabbing him on several occasions. The reason for the attack, says the Public Ministry in its brief of provisional conclusions, is an argument over the volume of the music played by the victim.

The events date back to two in the afternoon of November 5 last year in a building located on the Alcolea del Pinar road, in Reus. The Prosecutor's Office, in its conclusions, maintains that an argument began between the detainee and the victim over a music issue. The defendant, the document assures, removed from his home a large kitchen knife and a Beretta pistol, which was in perfect working order.

The gun had eight cartridges in the magazine. The defendant fired a shot with the pistol. The bullet hit a wooden post in the communal courtyard. Then, the aggressor, at a distance of one meter from the victim, "trying to ensure the criminal result and thus significantly reducing the defensive capacity given the lethal nature of the weapon used", pointed to the chest of his neighbor . He pulled the trigger of the weapon, but he did not achieve his purpose of ending life since the ammunition did not detonate when jamming.

Immediately afterwards, "always seeking the same purpose", the accused inflicted several stab wounds on the victim's torso and abdomen. It offered great resistance. With the help of another neighbor, he finally managed to disarm the accused. The victim suffered injuries to the chest and face, which took five days to heal.

The Mossos d'Esquadra went to the scene and proceeded to arrest the accused. He authorized the agents to enter his home to give food and drink to a dog owned by him. Once inside, on the dining table, a hunting shotgun modified by the system of trimming the barrels and butt was found –with one barrel in perfect working order and the other not–, a weapon that is considered prohibited; a 7.65 mm caliber Webley & Scott pistol; 12 12-gauge cartridges –for hunting–; 17 caliber 22 short and 71 caliber 22LR. The defendant did not have a guide to the ownership of any of the weapons nor did he have a weapons permit. The man, after going to court, entered prison.

The prosecutor asks for a crime of attempted murder 14 years in prison and that for 16 he cannot approach less than 500 meters from the victim, and three more years in prison for illegal possession of weapons. For its part, the private prosecution, represented by the lawyer David Peña, considers that there are two crimes of attempted murder and asks for a total of 20 years in prison, to which must be added six for three crimes of illegal possession of weapons ( two years each).

With regard to civil liability, the prosecutor requests the payment of 150 euros for the injuries and 2,000 for the moral damages caused, while the private prosecution raises the figure to 500,000 euros for two injured parties. One is the victim of the assault and the other is his sister whom, according to the lawyer, the defendant also tried to kill with the firearm. Said lawyer recalls that the defendant, when he was arrested by the Mossos, gave a false name "to avoid being identified since he had been on the run for several years from a prison where he was serving a sentence."

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