There are three former students of a school in Valls who claim to have been abused by a teacher

The former student of the Baltasar Segú de Valls school, Marc Pedraza, has publicly denounced this Friday that he suffered sexual abuse by a teacher when I was studying fifth grade at this center. The young man has assured that he is not the only victim and that it is very possible that there are a dozen more affected.

“I have been silent for 24 years, I want people to remove their fear”has stated. For this reason, she says, he has taken a step forward to break the silence and the fact that it was vox populi that the teacher committed abuses. Pedraza explained his story at the event organized by the Tarragona Child Sexual Abuse Families Association (AFASIT)celebrated in Tarragona. Together with two other colleagues, they will file a complaint next Monday.

Accompanied by friends, family and former classmates, Marc Pedraza, explained this Friday afternoon that when he was eight years old he suffered continuous sexual abuse by a teacher. Until two months ago, she had not told any relatives, he had only told his partners to justify the "fears" he had.

he cconfesses that he had blocked the abuses suffered and that it was as a result of a situation of work stress, three years ago, when everything resurfaced. "My head had blocked it, it does not mean that you do not think, he knew who had suffered and was aware that sooner or later it would take its toll on me," he pointed out.

Since then, he has needed psychological help and it has not been until recently that he has felt the strength to explain it. In fact, she contacted another classmateLucas, who was present at the event this Friday, to confirm that he had also been abusedjust as he had always suspected. "I have decided to show my face, everything has been removed from me with the step that Marc has taken, we all have to do our best," Lucas said in his speech during the meeting.

Neither of the two young people dared to explain that they had suffered abuse because, they maintain, this issue had not been openly discussed for more than two decades. At the same time, they report another classmate, two years older than them, denounced it and no one paid any attention to her. "He was brave at that time and he said it, but no one believed him, in those years, it was rare for children to believe," Pedraza lamented. Despite the fact that, he emphasizes, there were rumors among the educational community and in the municipality about this teacher. For all this, the three former students plan to file a complaint in court next Monday.

For her part, the president of Afasit, Míriam Arenas, stressed that since the Association, which was launched a year ago, they emotionally support people who have suffered abuse. "Now it's Marc, but unfortunately there are many children like him, the minors need to be happy and playWe have to stop this pandemic," Arenas said. She has affirmed that the silence has to be broken so that people who have suffered abuse as children can "heal and heal the wound." For this reason, she has asked for more tools to prevent and help the victims, and that the crimes do not prescribe.

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