The XX Bandoleros Fair transforms the town

It is not that those old bandits have returned to Alcover to become their owners, but they have done so from the historical re-enactment facing the town that, year after year and twenty years ago, celebrates its Bandoleros Fair, which is capable of transporting villagers and visitors four centuries back and enjoying the moment beautifully.

Yesterday, Sunday, the last day of the fair, the historic center, with its streets and decorated portals, was crowded with people, to enjoy all the activities, walk around, look at and buy at the market for local products and handicrafts, extended to two avenues and the Paseo de la Estación; sit back and enjoy good food and drink from the five well laid out tavernas.

One of the activities, yesterday morning, which had a high participation of children and young people was the traditional family banner, as happened on Saturday. It is the clue game, converted into an Escape Room, consisting of locating, in less than 45 minutes, the treasure hidden in a chest: 'The treasure of the golden wing', the finding is affordable once the various tests have been passed and the guiding clues «now with digital technology incorporated» commented the organizers from Manresa, Martí, Aina and Paula. In turn, winning the game against the bandits means accumulating coins and establishing yourself as the winner. Yesterday, some 250 boys and girls, dressed in bandit elements, took part in the game, such as Èlia and Noche, nine years old, who with eleven other little friends admitted to having had a "phenomenal" time. On Saturday the stimulating activity was also open to the big ones.

In the old church there was no lack of children's theater, with the story that captured the attention of young and old, when the bandits, Miquel Morell and Pere Voltor, are questioned by Remei, a sensible girl who makes them reconsider their attitudes, despite of having to persuade them dressed as a ghost.

As a relevant fact of this twentieth edition of the Bandoleros Fair, the premiere of the new giant stands out, the one dedicated to Miquel Morell and paired with the existing one, and opponent for five years, Pere Voltor. The intense rain on Friday night prevented the premiere of the giant from taking place, so it was held on Saturday, also at night, with all the honors that the occasion deserved.

The giant

The giant Miquel Morell, made of fiberglass and wood, is 3.20 meters tall, weighs 36 kilos and was built by the Reus sculptor Manel Llauradó.

Another of the acts on the program took place yesterday afternoon with the theatrical show and parade of bandits that staged the peace pact between the Morells and Voltors factions, with the presence of the two giants. Precisely these were the ones in charge of awarding the prizes for the Family Bandolrada, both for children and youth as well as for adults.

Even the bandits would do their thing at sunset, in another show in which robberies and love affairs put them in evidence, in the middle of the fair.

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