«The works of the Raval Santa Anna will make it difficult to load and unload goods»

The countdown for the pedestrianization of the second section of the Santa Anna suburb has already begun. As planned, yesterday morning the operators entered the section between Plaza de Catalunya and Calle de Santa Anna and fenced off the entire perimeter, the first step before starting the work which, as a whole, has to last four months.

At the moment, what most worries merchants who work with bulky goods is loading and unloading, something that will clearly be difficult with the road under construction. "Today they have facilitated access, but from here on, it will have to be seen how we do it," exclaimed Pere, from the Mi Electro appliance store. In fact, he points out that customers are already complaining about access difficulties because, it should be remembered, this section of the suburb has been closed to traffic for months.

From Matalasseria La Glòria they say that they have had to look for alternatives for loading and unloading. The owner explains that, on the one hand, he has staggered the orders and that he meets with suppliers in other parts of the city to be able to pick up the goods and, later, with his van, he gets as close as possible to the suburb and transports mattresses and pillows. . On the other hand, he also facilitates access to customers and helps transport the goods to where the customer is parked. "Solutions have to be found," he says.

What businesses expect is that they "finish quickly" and that, once pedestrianized, access is facilitated, either by a license plate reader or some type of device.

The works, awarded to the company Garcia Riera SL for 721,890.99 euros (VAT included), will allow the first phase to continue and reach Plaza de Catalunya. The works will be carried out in three phases and will be stopped during the Christmas campaign.

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