The works of the Barcelona avenue in Miami Platja will end before next summer

The facelift of Avenida Barcelona in Miami Platja -former national road 340- is taking on more and more shape. The second phase of the remodeling works of the section that crosses the municipality and whose cost totals 2,107,674.80 euros (VAT included) is in full swing and also includes the comprehensive reform of Plaza Jaén, by now completely demolished.

The construction work itself began last April, once Easter was over and the arrival of the first tourists of the season in the municipality. Then, from the City Council, an execution period of 15 months was given, with which it was expected that they should be completed right in the middle of the summer season. But the progress of the work is being much faster than expected, with which the Consistory has now ensured that the end will be advanced and "they will be finished before the summer begins."

Thus, according to the latest deadlines provided by the Consistory, the conclusive works of this second phase of remodeling of Barcelona Avenue are those of paving, with rubber, of Jaén Square, in May. Once it is done, they will be considered finished and a third phase will be pending from Plaza Tarragona to Avenida Maria Cristina, whose execution cost amounts to 1.8 million euros that were already planned in a 2021 budget item.

Continuing with the integral remodeling of the Plaza de Jaén, it began in September with the rubble phase prior to the installation of all services -new sewage, rainwater, water, gas, low-voltage electrical network, telecommunications and public lighting- to begin, now, with the urbanization itself, which will last until April. While this is being carried out, all the children's games will be installed to finish, in May, with the rubber paving.

Let us remember that, once it is finished, the new Plaza Jaén will be a single platform with capacity for 190 people at a time and will incorporate up to 70 recreational activities that are fully accessible to children with disabilities. In total, the inclusive play area, with proposals for children from 2 years old and up to 12 years old and also with specific proposals for adolescents and families.

Work on the new square began in parallel with the installation of the service network of the section affected by the second phase of work on Barcelona Avenue -the one between Cádiz and Málaga Avenues- and which is due to end in December. These works are being carried out together with the paving of the sidewalks and the installation of the bike lane, which should be finished in March. From here, during the month of April, the entire road will be paved while the urban furniture is also installed. Once this is done, the avenue will be marked and the second phase of the works will be concluded.

Other works at the same time

Beyond the reconversion project of the old national road 340, let us also remember that the City Council of Mont-roig del Camp launched, last May, the reform of the section of Barcelona avenue between Almería street and Plaza from Jaen. This part is not included in the second phase of the works and corresponds to the entrance to Miami Platja from l'Hospitalet de l'Infant. The affected section links up with this second phase of the works, an area that was also wanted to dignify with the aim of gaining space for pedestrians and cyclists, in addition to some 70 new parking spaces.


- Network services: September - December 2022

- Paving sidewalks and bike lanes: September - March 2023

- road paving: April 2023

- Street furniture: March - April 2023

- Road marking: april 2023


- Demolitions: September - October 2022

- Network services: September - November 2022

- Urbanization of the square: November - April 2023

- I collect children's games: March 2023

- Installation of children's games: March - April 2023

- Rubber flooring: May 2023

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