The victim of abuse in Valls by a teacher denounces the facts before the Mossos

Y former student of a school in Valls has denounced an ex-professor -now retired- to the Mossos d'Esquadra for alleged sexual abuse while in fifth and sixth grade.

The victim already made the facts public last week in an act organized by the Tarragona Child Sexual Abuse Families Association (AFASIT) in the Font de Tarragona square.

In addition, he explained that he was not the only victim and two more colleagues joined the public complaint claiming to have also been abused by the same teacher.

I've been silent for 24 yearsI want people to get rid of their fear”, he affirmed. For this reason, he says, he has taken a step forward to break the silence and the fact that it was vox populi that the teacher committed abuses

Today his lawyer, David Peña, explained that this Wednesday he accompanied the former student to the local Catalan police station to file an official complaintand has assured that "the issue is already judicialized and there is secrecy of proceedings."

Police sources have explained that, for the moment, no one has been arrested for these events, although they have opened an investigation to clarify and verify the alleged abuses.

For their part, sources Ministry of Education They have explained that they are investigating the facts denounced and that "they will collect the information of what happened at that time."

Likewise, they have expressed a "total rejection and a strong condemnation of any type of abuse", and have recalled that the Ministry launched the Support Unit for Students in Situations of Violence (Usav) in April 2021 to address these situations of violence.


The school, through a statement, has encouraged victims to report the facts and has joined the rejection of any type of abuse.

"Our day-to-day work is also to work with our boys and girls to prevent and/or help them in all the abuses and social and gender imbalances that they may find in their environment", the educational center stated.

They have also ensured that they work with students to give them "tools and confidence to respond to these realities", if they occur.

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