The use of the Reus urban bus grows more than 10% with the reduction of season tickets

The reduction in the price of passes in public transport has translated, in Reus, into a greater use of the urban bus. The measure, promoted by the central government, applies from September 1 and at least until December 31 and, although it is still underway, effects have already been noticed. According to the data handled by Reus Transport, the increase would be more than 10%, if the number of trips and the number of recharges of the passes in these past months of September and October are compared with those of the same period of 2021.

The number of trips has grown by 11%, but where it has been most noticeable is in the recharges of the different multi-trip cards available for users of the Reus urban bus. Here, the increase has been 17%, going from the 6,863 recharges that were made between September and October 2021 to the 8,048 that users did in the same period this year.

It is difficult to determine if the increase is due exclusively to discounts, which in the case of urban transport is 30%. And it is that with the Covid there was a decrease in passengers and last year there were still restrictions. However, users do believe that it is a useful measure and that it is serving to promote public transport.

Although many users of the urban bus in Reus are older people, and benefit from the Golden Card -with which they have the bus for free-, there are many other profiles that use this means of transport to move around the city, from students to people who live in the suburbs or people who use it when they go shopping.

Xavier Pérez is one of the users and reports that he uses the bus a couple of times a week. "Usually, when I have to make longer trips around the city and, basically, to go to the urban garden in the Immaculada neighborhood," he details. He explains that the card he uses is the ten-trip card and, although he is aware of the discount, "I still haven't recharged it because I have trips from the last time I did, before September 1." On the next recharge you will benefit from the 30% discount. A measure that he believes is quite an "advantage" and that can encourage greater use of public transport.

30% discount

The central government marked a 30% reduction in urban and interurban collective transport passes, and this has been applied to Reus since September 1 on the eight Reus Transport multi-trip cards. Thus, the T10/30 (ten trips in a month) is now worth 5 euros; the T10 (ten trips in three months), 5.6 euros; the T10 Youth Card (ten trips in three months), 4.4 euros; or the T10 Social Services (ten trips in three months), 3.3 euros. In the case of the T-365, which allows unlimited trips throughout the year, with the discount it is worth 190 euros. It also applies to the three T-Mes cards, with unlimited trips for a month. The general one now costs 21 euros; the T-Month Large Families/Single Parent Families General Regime, 17 euros; and the T-Month Large Families/Single Parent Families Special Regime, 10.50 euros. In addition, Reus Transport also has two free ones: the Gold Card, for people over 65 years of age, and the Social Services Card.

Most passes can be obtained and topped up at kiosks in the city (T-Mes, T-10, T-10/30 and T-Jove), while for the T-365 and the T-Mes Famílies Nombroses you have to Go to the Reus Transport offices, in the Mercat Central.

67.1 million euros in Catalonia

The State has assigned 67.1 million euros to Catalonia to finance the 30% discount on public transport season tickets. This was reported at the beginning of November by the Ministry of Transport, after publishing the provisional resolution granting aid to subsidize said reduction in regional and local public transport networks. The total investment allocated to the bonus amounts to 256.5 million euros. It should be remembered that the measure includes a 50% reduction in regular passenger transport passes by road, free Cercanías, Rodalies and Media Distancia Conventional and 50% in Avant services and high-speed journeys of less than 100 minutes duration.

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