The two injured in Repsol by a deflagration are discharged

Two plant workers at the Repsol industrial complex (located between La Pobla de Mafumet and El Morell) have been evacuated this Sunday morning to the Joan XXIII hospital in Tarragona due to burns and bruises. After the different cures and medical tests, both have been discharged from hospital this Sunday afternoon and have been able to return home.

The reason for these injuries, one of them is second-degree burns and the other worker minor burns and a strong blow to the knee, has been a deflagration caused in the start-up of the Isomax unit.

In this scheduled action, around 8:45 am this morning, the incident occurred when there was a hydrogen leak and its subsequent flare that reached the two workers to varying degrees.

The inflammation of a flange has been the cause of the injuries to the workers, who have been treated immediately while the fire-fighting systems of the petrochemical located in the north polygon acted with the same speed and have suffocated the flames in a short time.

Repsol has reported what happened this morning at its plant and has opened an investigation to clarify what happened. The same company has lamented the facts and has informed the authorities of this incident that occurred early this Sunday.

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