The trial of the former mayor of Roda de Berà begins for embezzlement

The former mayor of Roda de Berà Pedro Jose Figuereido, the treasurer Jordi Reina and the comptroller Mercè Alba, have once again sat on the bench of the defendants of the Provincial Court of Tarragona to be tried for crimes of prevarication and embezzlement of public funds . They are accused of allegedly having issued several payment orders worth 3,000 euros that have not been returned to the City Council. The prosecutor asks for 3 years in prison for the crime of embezzlement for two of the defendants, and 9 years of special disqualification for the occupation or public office for the continued crime of prevarication for the three.

The case that is now being prosecuted dates back to June 2, 2008, when in Roda de Berà the Pacte de Condicions de Treball del Personal Oficiali was in force, which regulated, among other things, the advance payment of payroll. The anticipated amount had to be returned in a maximum of 12 months through deductions applied directly to the monthly payroll.

According to the prosecutor, using this document, the defendants allegedly made a payroll advance of 3,000 euros to a third party who had provided services to the City Council as permanent staff until 2007. The prosecution defends that this amount was arranged by the then mayor for the repayment of a loan of 3,000 euros that the beneficiary had previously given him. This advance has not been returned to the City Council. According to the prosecutor, there were other payment orders to several people that would not have been adjusted to legal procedures.

prior conviction

In March 2016, Pedro José Figuereido and former comptroller Miguel Caramés were sentenced to 13 months in prison for a continuing crime of embezzlement of public funds. Jordi Reina was sentenced to three years in prison as he did not have the mitigating remedy to repair the damage. In that case they were blamed for having appropriated 75,000 euros from public coffers.

In the case that is now being prosecuted, the defense considers that it should have been included in the 2016 trial and considered "res judicata". In addition, he suspects that there is excess in the accusation by the Public Prosecutor's Office and asks that the crime of embezzlement be excluded. Finally, he states that more than two years have passed since the abbreviated procedure order and until the indictment, for which he requests that the accusation not be taken as filed.

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