The Torredembarra municipal swimming pool will be covered in winter 2023

After four long years of waiting, finally, in 2023, the Torredembarra municipal swimming pool will be covered. This has been assured to Daily the mayor of the municipality, Eduard Rovira: «The works will be carried out during the coming year and will be carried out within a period of 9 months. In winter we hope that they are already finished». Therefore, a priori, the cold months that are yet to come will be the last that Torrensians will spend without having a properly covered swimming pool.

In order to carry out the execution of the project, it has been increased by 780,000 euros, an amount included in a credit modification that will be debated this afternoon in the ordinary plenary session of the City Council. In this way, the budget for the actions to cover and heat the pool is set at 2,480,000 euros, for the 1.7 million that were initially planned. This amount will be financed with a long-term loan.

This budget increase is due to the fact that the initial project did not include the necessary elements to recover rainwater or the installation of solar panels to heat it. To this must be added the increase in prices suffered by raw materials in recent months.

The mayor of Torredembarra recalled that «we have on the table a project with a future projection that must be carried out in phases. In the first, some minimums were stipulated, but in 2020 we decided not to increase public debt beyond 50% ». The budget for the work that the City Council had at that time was 1.7 million euros, an amount that the architects saw as limited in order to incorporate all the necessary elements in the execution. From then until now, explains Rovira, "we have held several meetings to see how we could adjust it."

After that first barrier, the entire project remained in support due to the arrival of the pandemic. Once 2021 is over, the stick to the wheels has been put by inflation, which has caused the global price of the work to skyrocket. Even so, Eduard Rovira celebrated that "this 2022 the City Council has not taken on so much debt, which gives us more margin and allows us to round off the amount that must be allocated to the facility works."

The project

Located on Rosella street, the Torredembarra municipal swimming pool has been operational since 2016, but it only provides service in the summer months. The winter has covered the other pool, but this one has a precarious climate. Once the works have been completed, the equipment will be in service throughout the year, so that in winter it is heated and in summer its retractable windows allow good natural ventilation in the installation.

The changing rooms will also be renovated and a waiting room and a solarium will be created, which will be discovered and which in the future could house two smaller pools. In addition, let us remember that the offices will also be relocated to create an entrance and exit circuit of the sports facility.

The initial project did not contemplate recovering rainwater or solar panels to heat it

The City Council will debate today in the ordinary plenary session the credit modification of 750,000 euros for the pool cover. During the plenary session, it will also be proposed to freeze the tax ordinances for 2023 and generalize the IBI rebates to install solar panels in all types of real estate. Other modifications are to change the annual settlement of the rate of the weekly market stops for a semi-annual settlement. In the field of public prices, the weekly price of the Summer House is modified from 25 to 35 euros, that of the second brother, single-parent family, large family and other situations, will be 20 euros instead of 10, and the reception price from 5 to 10.

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