The thief who stole Rolex in Tarragona by charm or by force

Mossos d'Esquadra of the Investigation Unit (UI) of the El Vendrell police station arrested a 23-year-old woman and resident of this city of Barcelonès last Monday in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, as the alleged perpetrator of three crimes of theft and two robberies with violence and sexual abuse. These crimes are added to an extensive history that she accumulates at her young age, sources from the investigation admit.

In reference to the cases in the province of Tarragona, the investigation began this summer as a result of the first theft detected in the maritime district of Coma-ruga on July 12.

A man reported to the Mossos that while he was on Generalitat Avenue in the maritime neighborhood of El Vendrell with his wife, a girl approached them saying that she knew them. While the girl was talking to her wife trying to lengthen the conversation, she took his hand with the pretext that she was looking for from her: her Rolex.

He has more than 40 crimes with the same method and on Wednesday he was released with charges after going to court

When the couple told her that they had never met before and that she was confused, she left but with the loot in her possession. A few minutes later, the man realized that he did not have his high-end watch, valued at 2,500 euros.

This same woman acted again in a similar way on August 19, also in Coma-ruga. The detainee approached the victim, of legal age, and offered him sexual services to distract him and also steal a high-end watch, another Rolex valued at thousands of euros.

It highlights that the author allegedly sexually abused the victim when, in order to distract him from her real desire to steal her watch, she grabbed his hands forcefully and forced him to touch her breasts. Her instinctive reaction to push her hands away from her prevented her from noticing her removing the watch from her wrist.

The third theft in the Baix Penedès was on September 10 in Segur de Calafell. This time the victim was a woman. The detainee approached the woman to ask for a signature for people in need. When the victim signed, she hugged her to thank her, a moment that she took advantage of to steal her watch.

He has stolen watches in Mont-roig, Tarragona, El Vendrell and Calafell as well as other towns outside the province

In addition to these three thefts, the investigation unit solved two violent robberies committed on August 8 and October 4, presumably by the same author. In both cases, the detainee went towards her victim, grabbed her wrist strongly and violently and took her watch from her. She then quickly fled the scene. Each watch is valued at figures that exceed a thousand euros long.

In all the cases investigated, the Mossos ended up identifying the 23-year-old woman as the alleged perpetrator. In the database, the detainee had a long history with more than 40 records, most of them for similar acts committed throughout Catalonia.

In this sense, during the last week she was also arrested for being the alleged author of a dozen crimes against property of the same nature committed in recent months in the towns of Garraf, Vallès Occidental, Baix Camp (Mont-roig), Tarragonès (Tarragona)The Jungle or Alt Empordà.

Its modus operandi highlights the specialization in the mimosa method, consisting of hugging the victims with any excuse and taking the opportunity to remove the jewelry, the wallet or any valuable object.

This detainee would also have committed several robberies with violence on public roads, either because she had been surprised during the robbery or directly when she saw the opportunity due to the physical inferiority of the victim. The detainee went to court on Wednesday and she was released with charges.

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