The tender for the Reus Aquatic and Fitness Center is void due to irregularities

The company Duet Spa & Sports SL, awarded the works concession for the construction and operation of the Aquatic and Fitness Center, has not formalized the contract within the legally established period and, therefore, the local Government will declare the tender void in the plenary session on November 18.

The mayor, Carles Pellicer, explains that the bidding company "proposed not to sign the contract and that it be a second company, Duet Reus SL, who would formalize it as the holder of the concession." Consequently, this would place the City Council outside the law, by not accepting the necessary regulations to include both companies.

That only Duet Reus SL signed the tender would not comply with the conditions of the tender to which Duet Spa & Sports had submitted its offer and, in addition, the obligations would have to be executed by a "newly created company, a shell company without the solvency required by the bidding conditions and that is completely unrelated to the responsibilities acquired" by the winning company, says Pellicer.

The project will remain pending for the next mandate of the new government

Thus, by indication of the Secretary and the General Intervention and the municipal Contracting Department, the Government rejects the proposal of Duet Spa & Sports SL, as it must be considered a breach of the contract by the signing company.

If it had gone ahead, the City Council would be legally disassociated from fulfilling the commitments towards Duet Reus SL, since they would not be adjusted to the initial offer. Moreover, accepting his proposal would imply violating the legal guarantees of the contracting system.

The illegal modifications intended by Duet Spa & Sports SL require it to pay a penalty of €42,000, on account of the deposit previously deposited.

All in all, Carles Pellicer assumes the responsibility of "stopping" the tender and it remains pending a decision for the next term. Also, the mayor has announced that the budget earmarked for the Aquatic and Fitness Center –a total of €700,000– will be invested in Reus Esport i Lleure initiatives that will be communicated shortly.

questionable viability

The need for a public swimming pool in the southern area is not shared by all the municipal groups, but the mayor for the PSC, Sandra Guaita, is committed to a new project that has citizen consensus and is far from "the risks that a management private”. "There was a very high possibility that it would be deserted," says the spokeswoman for Ciutadans, Débora García, given the legislative restrictions on business succession.

Instead, from the CUP, Edgar Fernández is committed to an alternative such as "municipalizing Reus Ploms and giving access to its facilities, instead of building a center on the outskirts that entails so many expenses" and harms existing facilities.

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