The Tarragona prosecutor's office will seek to prevent the reduction of a sentence for sexual abuse

The Tarragona Prosecutor's Office will present a appeal to the Supreme Court at the request of review of a conviction for sexual abuse of a minor in 2015. The hearing condemned to the author of the facts to two years and six months in prison in 2018 and, now, with the new law of 'only yes is yes', this penalty has been reduced by half a year.

The chief prosecutor, María José Osuna, considers that the reduction of the sentence is not appropriate because she affirms that it would be the same with the new regulations.

Since the approval of the new law, another petition has reached the courtswhich is still awaiting the report from the public prosecutor's office, and four more are pending registration. All in all, Osuna expects to receive many more cases in the coming weeks. "The Court has issued a interlocutory ordering the review and he has been released from prison for six months, we have prepared an appeal because we consider that this case does not benefit from the new law, "said the prosecutor.

María José Osuna has asked the prosecutors of the Tarragona Court to make the reports following the guidelines of the decree issued by the State Attorney General's Office to unify criteria. Despite the fact that she points out that they cannot foresee if an avalanche of procedures will arrive, Osuna does believe that "quite a few" review procedures will be opened as a result of the new regulatory framework.

"The law comes out with an evident, comprehensive will to protect, and they wanted the distinction between sexual assault and abuse to disappear," Osuna has valued. «In the case of an assault with violence and intimidation, the sentence that I would request is seven years instead of the minimum of four, but I will not be able to question that the court decides the minimum; there are some effects of this desire for protection that perhaps have not turned out as they would like », he declared.

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