The stands of the Circus in the Plaza de los Sedassos will have involved an additional cost of 85,500 euros

The stands of the Circ, in the Plaça dels Sedassos, are under construction again and it is expected that this will be the definitive action so that they can finally open to the public in a matter of weeks. In this way, the Tarragona City Council will comply with one of the requirements that established the bases of the subsidy, corresponding to 1.5% Cultural, which was granted in 2014. This aid made it possible to promote a project that has generated controversy from the first moment and that has ended up entailing a significant extra cost for the municipal public coffers.

Adding the action that is being carried out at the moment, this deviation in the budget amounts to 85,500 eurosnamely, 34% more with respect to the initial investment, which was quantified in 242,000 euros. Ultimately, it will reach €325,494.29Bearing in mind that since the winning company announced that the work was finished and, therefore, it could be received by the City Council, two other interventions had to be made.

The first of these amounted to 52,256 euros and consisted of completing the complementary works and pending actions that it was determined that the successful bidder Tecno-Conrad SL had not done, according to the project. Intermediate steps were installed to facilitate accessibility, the wood was treated and the pertinent fences were just installed to comply with all security measures. Despite this, when it was believed that everything was ready, and an act had even been announced inside, the municipal technical reports ruled out that it could be entered, since the interior fence did not comply with the technical building code. This posed a risk especially for the little ones, since the existing protection system did not prevent a child from falling.

Now, the Tarragona City Council has had to order a new action to fix the railing. The work began at the end of September and will last for a period of six weeks, so that this month it could end, as reported by the City Council.

"We will end one of the nightmares we have had as a City Council at the heritage level"

The wood has been varnished again and this week the installation of the new railing began, with bars that prevent any object from falling. However, the bill for the work has increased with additional 27,120 euros, to which must be added another 2,032.80 corresponding to the drafting of the new project.

"It was a very important issue, since the site had to adapt to the regulations and it means that now it will be safe for public access by citizens," he says. the councilor of Patrimoni, Herman Pinedo. The management model that has been planned for the enclosure will be similar to the operation of the parks, so that there will be a person in charge who will open the door in the morning and close it again at night. This is how they want to prevent them from becoming a space for bottles, which generates inconvenience to the neighbors.

"We think that the stands should not be there, since they do not perform the function for which this project was launched, which is the patrimonial and historical interpretation of the Circ," laments Pinedo. However, Tarragona City Council was obliged to guarantee accessibility if he did not want to lose the aid of 181,000 euros that he received from Madrid. In fact, in the middle of last June, the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda sent an ultimatum to the local administration in which it reminded it that it would not open the venue to the public for "a minimum period of 50 years", as as the bases of the aid said or I would have to return the subsidy.

This same letter gave a maximum period of one month for the pertinent measures to be adopted. The City Council made an urgent decision and hired a security guard on Fridays and weekends in July and August to ensure that there were no incidents. This surveillance service involved an expense of 2,084.35 euros, fattening the bill for a project that Pinedo hopes will now "come to an end." «With this we will end one of the nightmares that we have had as a City Council at the heritage level, which is that the stands should not be there, but having received a grant we have the obligation to have them open and accessible, something that has never been contemplated since the previous council", he concludes.

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