The stalls selling chestnuts return to the streets at TGN

The streets of Tarragona have recovered this Tots Sants the stops for cooking and selling chestnuts after two years of pandemic in which it has not been possible due to restrictions. The last time that the different entities, associations and schools set up their stalls was in 2019. In 2020 it was impossible due to the health crisis and last year the town hall also did not take out the contest to request the installation of the stop due to the uncertainty and constant limitations . However, there were three entities that finally placed their stall.

However, this 2022 has been the year of the return to total normality. The City Council made a series of spaces available so that teaching and special education centres, entities and students with the corresponding authorization from their centre, could sell chestnuts. After the application submission process, 12 correctly submitted applications for one of the approved locations were granted permission in strict order of admission and entry and the location options chosen. The permit for the 12 chestnut stalls is valid from last Wednesday until November 6 and the activity can be carried out from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

People buy the same despite the heat, although the lower purchasing power due to inflation is noticeable

The sixth graders of the Escola Tarragona are one of the 12 groups that sell chestnuts during these days. Their stand is located right in front of the Joan XXIII Hospital in Tarragona and they want to allocate the benefits to their end-of-year trip. "We would like to do kayaking and adventure activities," said Gerard, Sofía, Carla and Júlia, just as they arrived from a tour of the area with baskets full of chestnuts to look for buyers. “We ask people if they want warm chestnuts, and we have sold quite a few, although most people can only pay by card and we only take cash.” Laura Rufí, one of the mothers who helps the students, explained that this type of action "serves to make them aware that the colonies cost money and that it is a way for them to collaborate."

Paquita and Josepa are two residents of Reus who yesterday afternoon had gone down to "walk and spend money in Tarragona", and took the opportunity to buy chestnuts at the Escola Tarragona stall in Joan XXIII. "Although it is less cold than other years, they fit just as well," they acknowledged.

In front of the English Court, Laura Isuar, monitor of the Esplai La Grapadora, explained that "they are selling quite well and the heat does not affect us, we were concerned about the temperature issue but people tell us that traditions prevail over the fact that it is hot or cold". What has affected the sale of chestnuts a little is inflation. In fact, Ariadna López, Carla Anguera and Katerina González, from Cau Alverna, assured that this year chestnuts have been more expensive and that they have already had to lower prices a couple of times in a few days to sell more.

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