The soprano who emulated Ronaldinho

When Sara Blanch (Darmós, 1989) arrived in Barcelona at the age of 18 to study music, what caught her attention the most was the speed at which people walked. "I was a bit stressed. I asked where a place was and they told me that it was close, although, for me, it was at the other end. In my town, my grandmother lived two blocks from my house and it seemed far away, so imagine. In the end, I got used to walking fast », says the soprano from Nice (France), where she has just premiered the opera the sleepwalkerby Vincenzo Bellini. She plays Amina, the main character.

Blanch loved music since she was a child. Her father, Joan Carles, is a composer and director of choir and orchestra and her mother, Mercè, is a piano teacher. She could see it coming that at any moment she was going to sing that "I want to be an artist." Her childhood soundtrack has a lot of classical and symphonic music and some opera. She was eight years old, she was crazy to go to the television program little stars -children's version of Meteor shower– but her parents put the idea out of her head.

«They told me that if I wanted to dedicate myself to this, I should first study singing to have a solid foundation. They did not like that being so small I was presented to a program that created shooting stars, with great success at the time but then nothing. And the truth is that I am very grateful for her decision and I share it today », she recalls.

His calm and happy life in his town of barely a hundred inhabitants, where everyone greets each other when they pass each other, passed between scores at home, classes at school, extracurricular dance... and football. He was always with a ball at his feet. After eating she would go down alone to the street to play a few games and set up her circuits, and when she had the chance she would go with other boys to the field in Darmós to play a game.

“I liked haggling more than shooting on goal,” he says. Culé confesses, his idol was Ronaldinho. “I loved his natural and expressive way of playing. He made the game an art, in the same way that I understand the song. You can sing very well and have great technique, but not transmit anything. I try to have a good technique that allows me to express all my feelings and connect with people. Ronaldinho had that point in football », he affirms.

Blanch took her first musical steps as a family, in the local choir of which her parents were a part. At the age of 14, she enrolled in the Escola Municipal de Música i Dansa de Móra d'Ebre with the singing teacher Isabel Cañas. She was also trained in piano and dance. Convinced that she wanted to turn her vocation into her profession, when she came of age she packed her bags and moved to Barcelona. She spent a year preparing her admission to the Conservatori de Sabadell, where she studied four courses, and later she completed three more at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC) and one at the Conservatori del Liceu.

The filming was done in competitions that he won one after another: the Audience Award at the Montserrat Caballé Singing (2014), the Josep Mirabent i Magrans de Sitges (2015) and the Tenor Viñas (2016). "I didn't attach much importance to the awards, for me it was like an apprenticeship, an opportunity to prove myself," she admits. In fact, she continues to train with the Italian singer Mariella Devia.

Now she is an internationally acclaimed soprano, who has performed in the best venues: the Teatro Real and the Zarzuela in Madrid, the Palau de la Música, the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in Paris, the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino in Florence, Turin, Salzburg, Russia... She recently played Norina, from Don Pascualat the Lyceum

Every time he works on an opera he spends a month and a half away from home. She is more traveling than in her apartment in Barcelona. In the cities where she performs, she gets "an apartment so I can cook, because I pay a lot of attention to my diet, and I lead a normal life: I go shopping, I cook, I wash my clothes... Sometimes, a person helps me with the cleaning," he says. She barely has free time, she rehearses between six and eight hours a day, but whenever she can, she looks for a spa, with a massage included, to relax all the tensions in the body, rest better... «and because I like it a lot».

She defines herself as a very passionate, perfectionist and emotional artist. She does not consider herself a diva, if we understand by diva a stereotypical distant and arrogant singer. She, too, does not believe that opera is elitist. She takes care of her physique to the fullest, but without obsessing, she plays sports and places great importance on sleeping well. Her voice is her main tool, she pampers her excessively. «In rehearsals she does not always sing, there are days that she only marks. And then I don't talk much, I avoid chaining one phone call after another. I call my partner, my parents and my sister and she's there », she explains.

The character that has filled him the most is that of Lucía de Lammermoor, from the play of the same name by Gaetano Donizetti, although "I have fun with everything I do." She has a bad routine, "I wouldn't like to sing the same thing all the time", and she is open to trying new musical genres. She likes the 90s pop of the Spice Girls, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez, whom she imitated as a child. «I feel like doing something more modern pop or even flamenco, but I don't know if I'll get the chance or if it would be very compatible», she concludes.

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