The Sindicatura de Comptes focuses on the management of the Reus Hospital and the CMQ

The Sindicatura de Comptes de Catalunya has prepared the report on the 2018 financial year of the Hospital Sant Joan de Reus, as part of its annual program of activities. The study focuses on the review of the economic operations of the Hospital with the entities related to it and compliance with the law in the areas of contracting and personnel.

In the informative note on the most relevant observations, among other issues, the Sindicatura refers to the link between Sant Joan and the CMQ, which at the time analyzed was still active in the Hospital building. And it indicates that "the current health model provides for and regulates the collaboration of private centers in the provision of public health care, but there is no legal framework that protects the provision of private health care by public centers with the personal and material means of these, as is the case of the CMQ, 100% public».

Thus, "the lack of a regulatory legal framework affects the CMQ space rental contracts in the Hospital and the private hospitalization and outpatient care provided by the CMQ in these facilities, and the services and operating room rights of the Hospital, which represented income of 0.54 million for the Hospital," the report adds.

The Sindicatura also notes that "in 2018, the Hospital received 3.13 million euros from Gecohsa as dividends." The amount would correspond to the economic injection approved that year after the entry of Sant Joan due to dissolution. The report states that "given that the vast majority of Gecohsa's income came from the agreement with the Servei CatalĂ  de Salut, the distribution of benefits in dividends from Gecohsa to the Hospital would not be justified."

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