«The schedule to unload the garbage in the emerging containers of Reus is very limited»

“How am I going to manage to get there on time to drop off the rubbish between 7 and 11 p.m.?” Quico Marsal, a resident of the Mercadal and the first user of the new container islands in the Plaza del Teatre, wondered yesterday. The system of portable deposits to replace underground collection was deployed last night, in addition to that point, also in El Pallol and in Plaça de los Argenters.

A few days after the City Council announced its entry into operation, many were already aware of the appearance and use of these batteries, accompanied by informants. The neighbors celebrate the perspective that the emerging model will be cleaner than the underground containers and without breakdowns, but they ask for extended hours and wide mouths, especially in fractions such as containers and cardboard.

"The margin to throw the bags is too short," complained Marsal. And it is that these new islands, with a trailer format, will not be on the street all day. They will be installed at 7:00 p.m. and removed to be emptied at 11:00 p.m. For this reason, regardless of whether it is convenient or not, disposing of waste outside this strip will only be possible in the surrounding fixed containers.

In a situation similar to that of Marsal but at another point, in El Pallol, another citizen, Enrique Murillo, also criticized the schedule: "It is very limited." In addition, "in the case of plastic or cardboard, I usually lower large bags and with these mouths I will not be able to". In the Argenters, Francesc Fortuny also stated that "you will have to get used to it" but stressed that the emerging islands "will make the square much better because by removing the Mercadal underground, this had become a landfill with up to 12 deposits".

I was hoping to get them off the terrace and I have more than ever

As for the restaurateurs, at El Pallol, Antonia Vidal, owner of Il Cuore, lamented that "I was hoping to get the containers away from the terrace and I have more than ever." The covered underground still gave off an odor yesterday and the emerging island was located on top. "They must move it away, here there is even the door of a theater," she claimed.

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