The salary of a waiter does not reach 18,000 euros and that of a cook is close to 19,600

One of the main problems in the hospitality sector after the pandemic is the lack of workers. This summer of tourist 'boom' many businessmen have complained that they needed staff and could not get it, while the workers alluded to the poor working conditions in the sector. The Adecco salary guide that was published this Wednesday reveals that a waiter earns an average of 17,670 euros gross per year in Spain, which means around 1,060 euros net in 14 payments, according to calculations by the Treasury Technicians (Gestha) for a worker with indefinite contract and without children.

Cooks, another of the most demanded groups, have an average salary of 19,550 euros gross per year, about 1,147 euros per month in 14 payments. From Adecco they assure that part of the problem of the lack of personnel lies in the fact that a part of the professionals who were dedicated to this profession before the pandemic "have chosen to retrain and work in other sectors with better working conditions." This shortage of candidates has also been linked to the decreasing evolution of the arrival of immigrant workers in Spain since the start of the pandemic Within the hospitality sector, the best paid profile is that of chef, with an average salary of 31,900 euros gross per year , followed by sales executives, who earn an average of 28,500 euros per year.

resuming the activity

From Adecco they explain that once the first year of the pandemic was over, the companies in the sector gradually resumed their activity during 2021, but in a "very uneven" way. The complications brought about by the spread of the different variants of covid-19 in Spain (Delta and Ómicron, above all), prevented the expected levels of recovery from being achieved. Despite this, the sector witnessed a partial recovery, especially in the second half of the year. Tourism GDP recovered 36,039 million euros compared to 2020 to reach 88,546 million in 2021, which represents 7.4% of Spain's GDP.

Personnel management

In the field of employment, during the past year companies had to adapt to complex personnel management, derived from openings and closings as a result of restrictions and isolation protocols. But despite this, it has been increasing progressively. At the end of 2021 Hospitality and Tourism was the sector that led the reduction of professionals who were still in ERTE in Spain (about 57,000 according to Exceltur data), and during the first half of 2022 hiring has increased continuously, reaching in May the 1.7 million workers, thus recovering the pre-pandemic figures.

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