The Reus Living Altarpieces will return to the streets this Christmas

The Living Christmas Altarpieces will return to the streets, around the Priory of Sant Pere, on December 22, 23, 25 and 26 at 8:00 p.m. The Cultural Association Patronato Foc Nou, the organizing entity, mentions that "we have had to make changes". "Instead of starting in Plaça del Castell and going around eight altarpieces going around La Prioral, as usual, we will start in Plaça de Sant Pere and end in Plaça de las Peixateries Velles and we will make six altarpieces", announces Montserrat Mor, member of the New Fire Board. These six altarpieces will be: the Creation, the Annunciation to Mary, the Annunciation to the Shepherds, Looking for an Inn, the Palace of King Herod and the Nativity.

The representation has, for the moment, 40 registered children. «We will have the Armats and dancers from the San José School again, too. The families of the participating children are very happy, and even more so after two years without participating normally due to Covid, “adds Mor. There are young people who participated in previous editions and who "could not join" due to the pandemic. The interpreters are between four and 22 years old, since "there are adult roles, like that of King Herod." «Many children who were in other editions want to participate again. We have obtained children and young interpreters, too, thanks to the dissemination that has been done in burrows, ”says the member of the organizing entity.

The baby that used to go out on the Nativity altarpiece will be real again, since in previous editions they placed a lie, due to the pandemic. «We usually take a baby that was born between August and October. If it is older, we do not select it, because it would weigh a lot for the girl who must hold it, "specifies Mor.

The entity, about to dissolve

The entity has undergone many changes as a result of the arrival of the Covid and, in addition, a few years ago it was left without a headquarters to leave tool, costumes and rehearsals. «We had to store the wardrobe at different addresses of the entity's partners and, at the beginning of 2020, we had a change of board. The current board, for its part, resigned earlier this year and called elections. When no one showed up, we asked for a meeting with the City Council. If we do not find a solution, we consider dissolving the entity, "summarizes Mor.

The Foc Nou Board met, then, with the City Council to agree on the continuity of the altarpieces in the city, and "they temporarily gave us the space of the El Castell Cultural Center, to leave and make costume changes and for rehearsals, which we will carry out two or three sessions. "They also advised us to apply for a subsidy, since we must contract insurance and audio, among other issues," says Mor, who also points out that "we have had the help of a company that manages events and they are helping us a lot through of the Reus Promotion Agency».

This year, there will also be a hand program, "at least it is closed and we will have sponsors, who have helped us to do it."


The association, as we said, has had to adapt the format of the altarpieces when the pandemic hit. In 2020, for example, the altarpieces had to be moved to La Palma, in a static format and with little dialogue. The Christmas representations had to be reformulated sporting fewer performers and a more minimalist staging. At that time, five of the eight altarpieces that exist were represented and 25 interpreters cooperated, including children and young people, in addition to the people in charge of thetool.

The logistical change caused fewer rehearsals to be carried out, the creation of bubble groups and they had only one angel. Around December 2020, Mor, then president of the organizing entity, said that they planned to rejuvenate the entity and carry out more activities, apart from the Living Altarpieces, something that could not be done, finally: «Currently, we only do the altarpieces ».

As a reminder, last year the organization of the Living Altarpieces was also different, since it was located in three different churches: the Priory of San Pedro, the parish of La Purísima Sangre and the church of San José Obrero. Then, Mor stated that "we want to carry out the activity, but we do not have enough resources to take everything to another space and, therefore, we agreed that the altarpieces would be made in these three churches." In December of last year, the Foc Nou Board already announced the integration of the Armats in the altarpieces.

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