The residents of the Pla d'Empúries neighborhood in Amposta demand improvements

In the participatory budgets of Amposta for 2022-2023, one of the proposals that appears is the cleaning and closing of the ravine that connects the Empúries Plan with El Grau, an issue highly demanded by the residents of the area, who demand a better maintenance and a new bridge project to replace the existing ramp.

The Pla d'Empúries neighborhood limits, on one side, with the Quintanes and on the other with the Grau through a walkway over the ravine. The state of this ravine is a reason for complaint by residents who lament that “it is a bit abandoned, very dirty and gives a very abandoned image of a neighborhood as beautiful as this one. The ramp should have been built a long time ago and built a bridge, since it works as an architectural barrier and is not suitable for wheelbarrows, wheelchairs, baby strollers or the elderly”. To make this change, they say that more than thirty years ago, the council presented a pioneering project that has been lost.

The solution of the problem would help to improve the connection between both neighbourhoods, because aside from this, the neighborhood can only be reached from the other side by walking a considerable distance. Likewise, for years, it has also been claimed that the municipal bus line passes through the neighborhood. As previously explained by the Diari, the neighbors have transferred this complaint to the town hall on several occasions. “We know that the bus has to go through there, but I also understand that there is a concession. From the city council they did not deny us that need, they are aware that it is necessary for the elderly or children when they go to school, "says Vanesa Queral, president of the neighborhood association.

Adam Tomàs, mayor of Amposta, assures that from the city council they are aware of the problems and there is the will to find a solution. On the one hand, Tomàs affirms that "this area of ​​the ravine is being cleaned up, which is constantly attacked by incivility" and highlights other actions that have been carried out in the neighborhood after attending citizen consultations through tools such as neighborhood assemblies or participatory budgets. and that help improve "highlighting things that perhaps we do not take into account and that, despite not being the winners, we have still come out ahead." In this way, actions have been carried out in the neighborhood such as covering holes that had been discovered by SOREA, among other things.

Regarding the footbridge, the mayor points out that «we have not found the project that the neighbors comment on, it has been lost. We will have to commit to doing another one once we finish the walkway that connects the old CAP with the palm trees. We will try to close the ravine and carry out the procedure for this new project.

neighborhood neighborhood association

After the neighborhood assembly held between the council and the residents, the neighbors created the Neighborhood Neighborhood Association, as a way to improve communication and continue working and improving.

«As an association we want to be truly considered a neighborhood of Amposta, because people have somewhat forgotten it. In the end, we are like a small family here, among us we take care of each other and help each other as it was done before, "says Queral.

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