The residents of La Ràpita take to the street "rapitense pride" with Orígenes

«We are young and old sailors that give prestige to our past, if Tortosa had a good name as rapitenca it has been overcome. We are the peasants who make the riverbank rich and full, and with joy well alive, and like our seafaring people, as children of the delta, we are children of the river», wrote the rapitense poet and folklorist Lluís de Montsià. Such are the origins of the people of La Rápita: sailors, fishermen and peasants. To revive it and strengthen the rapitenca identity, the municipality celebrates this weekend the sixth edition of the Orígens recreation party, from the beginning of the 20th century. Until tomorrow night, the city, especially the seaside neighborhood, Chicago, is full of activity, contests, music and life.

The neighbors, individually or through entities and associations, participate in the festival by themselves playing roles linked to these two social groups: the sailors and their families repairing nets in the street, making the game of girl... and the peasants, arriving with carts loaded with rice from the riverbank, sewing the crippled sacks for the carob or olive harvest or the children playing bowling, balls or racing in the street.

Yesterday, for example, there was a vintage wedding, a demonstration of how the land was farmed or a fish auction. Endearing and identity scenes that have brought neighbors from Terres de l'Ebre closer together.

A literary route dedicated to Sebastià Juan Arbó on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of his birth, by Pep Carcellé, is scheduled for 11 am today. In addition to the entire period market and the setting in the street, there will be a drinking jug contest by Batuxaik, a traditional dance workshop by Country Sheriffs, human chess by Club Ajedrez la Rápita or the presentation of the book “La Morra”, poetry by Àngel Guimerà with the historian Noèlia Borràs, the president of the FCJEDT Victor Baroja and the president of Morrápita Oscar Sanchís and the musical version of it by Sergi Roig, Cranc Roig. In addition to sardanas, parades and shows, Cesck Freixas will also offer a recital of legends.

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