The remodeling of the Plaza de la Quinta Promoció will begin in the second quarter of 2023

Green light in the reform works of the Plaza de la Quinta Promoción, in the neighborhood of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. These could start during the second half of next year, after the neighbours and the City hall They have reached an agreement to resolve the legal problems that blocked any type of public action in this space.

This is an old demand from the neighborhood, which for years has seen the square deteriorate without anyone doing anything. To the lack of maintenance of the surface, we must add the water leaks to the parking lot below the square, which is owned by the community of neighbors of the adjacent blocks, just like the part above. Finally, both parties reached an agreement, which is the one that has been signed now, through which the owners have ceded the use of the square to the local administration for a period of thirty years. In this way, the City Council will assume the reform works, since this transfer makes the space public domain.

"It is a very important qualitative leap, because now it will no longer be possible to say that nothing can be done because it is private property," he says. the Councilor for Territory, Xavier Puig. The vote in favor of all the owners has made it possible to solve the legal problem that until now had prevented any investment from being made.

The reform will be financed with funds obtained from the sale of assets

The ownership of the square continues to be private, however, they have ceded the use to the City Council to take charge of maintenance and cleaning. For his part, owners are required to keep the surface open to the public and they will not be able to put up any installation or do any work, since in any case the local administration will have to do it. Likewise, as it becomes a surface in the public domain, if the surrounding bars want to put up a terrace or organize an activity, they will have to be authorized by the City Council. "For practical purposes it means that during these thirty years they will not be able to close it as if it were the patio of their house," argues the third deputy mayor.

Both parties had been talking for more than a year to try to unblock this issue, which is the one that until now prevented taking any step. In parallel, the Béns i Patrimoni area worked on the sale of a municipal farm, next to the gas station of Sant Pere i Sant Pau, in order to obtain the resources to finance the works.

In July of last year, the plenary session gave the green light to the sale of the property, taking into account that both operations were linked from the outset, when it was pointed out that these incomes would revert to the neighborhood itself and, specifically, to the remodeling of the square. However, the person in charge of urban planning certifies that «we have the project and the money and the legal problem that prevented us from doing anything is solved.

The works have an execution period of eight months, according to the project

The works will consist of removing all the existing elements to waterproof the surface, preventing water leaks from continuing into the parking area. Likewise, new vegetation will be planted in a lighter flower bed system and a children's play area will be set up on one of the sides. "We will dignify the state, so that it is safe and by fixing the things we had," says Puig. There will also be new lighting. However, it is estimated that the investment will reach 752,620.91 euros, in the absence of updating the calculations that were made in November of last year, when a project that came from the previous mandate was reviewed.

For their part, the owners will have to take charge of repairing the roof of the parking lot, which has been affected by the leaks.

The last possible stumbling block is to determine if a new load test should be carried out, to know the state of the structure, taking into account that the last one was carried out a few years ago. five or six years. Now, the municipal technicians will decide if this has to be repeated, which can condition the final project. However, at first the City Council assures that "we do not believe that it has deteriorated so much that we have to repeat it, since structurally there were no problems and with the project we took weight off, but there has been deterioration due to the leaks”.

However, it is expected that the project can be put out to tender in the coming months and that the works can begin during the second half of the year, which will last for a period of eight months.

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