The rains leave 3,900 residents in Terres de l'Ebre without electricity for 24 hours

Residents of La Sènia (Montsià) mainly and other nearby municipalities (Amposta, Ulldecona...) They have suffered this Saturday, November 12, a blackout caused by the intense rains that began shortly before dawn.

The forecasts of Civil protection on Friday, in which the Pla Inuncat activated, have been fulfilled and unless there is an unexpected turn, this flooding protocol will continue until this Sunday morning.

The heavy rains have left some promising water records and an increase in the flow of rivers and ravines that luckily have not required the presence of Firefighters throughout the day. Throughout the night and a good part of the morning, up to 256.2 l/m² were recorded in the Els Ports natural park and records of a hundred liters in towns such as Ulldecona (97.2 in the area known as Els Valentins), Aldover (88), Gandesa (74.7) Rasquera (72), Mas de Barberans (66.5), Horta de Sant Joan (60) or Vinebre (54.3).

From the Operational Coordination Center of Catalonia (CECAT) of Civil Protection has been in contact with the Hydrographic Confederation of the Ebro (CHE) all afternoon to monitor the situation of the ravines in the Els Ports area, taking into account the amount of rain accumulated in this area and the increase in the flow of the Algars river.

In fact, Civil Protection reported at around 7:00 p.m. that the increase in the flow of the river Sènia would cause the Ulldecona reservoir to overflow at around 9:00 p.m. The river carried 35 cubic meters per second (m3/s) of water.

Although Bombers has not carried out outings due to flooding and apparently there is no major damage in the affected regions, there has been a significant problem with the electricity supply in some municipalities, specifically twelve have been affected to different degrees.

At the most critical moment of the day, 6,660 users have been registered without electricity or telephony. The situation was chaotic because the origin of the fault was unknown. And this has forced the supply company, Endesa, to activate the coordination center and has sent human resources (40 workers) and materials (five generator sets) to try to reduce the problem of the blackout.

As the hours have passed, the number of subscribers without electricity has risen to 6,660, with a third of those affected being residents of La Sènia (2,600), followed by Ulldecona 55 and Amposta 44. In the vicinity of Tortosa there are 420 owners without light. In the data update at 4:30 p.m., the number of people affected by the power outage is 4,669.

Shortly after 9:00 p.m., the Diari spoke with Endesa and the company explained that it is working against the clock and that at this time there are 3,900 affected users, making it unpredictable when they will have electricity again. Most of these affected are concentrated in La Sènia.

Endesa's problem is to find the fault and act on it. There are problems in the lines, in the substations and in other points of the network, which have been affected by the downpour. Until these faults are found and repaired, the work of technicians is slow and complex. And although it is planned to work at night, Endesa does not know when it will be possible to restore electrical normality in these places.

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