The PSC denounces that the CUP benefits related companies

The PSC denounces that the CUP is benefiting cooperatives related to the anti-capitalist formation, through minor contracts. "Since the CUP became part of the municipal government, these companies have increased their billing with the City Council by 1,200%," says the spokesperson for the socialist formation, Sandra Ramos, who ensures that the councilors cubaros They must give explanations to their assembly "in the face of a lack of ethics." For its part, the CUP denies this information and assures that it is "absolutely false."

Ramos focuses on three cooperative companies, El Far, Gamlab and Escamot – all of them under the umbrella of La Teulada, a network of cooperatives in Camp de Tarragona. «Since the entry of the CUP to the government, El Far has gone on to bill 62,091 euros, when before it received a total of 10,059 euros from the municipal coffers. Gamlab has gone from not having any minor contract in the Tarragona town hall, to billing 39,543 euros. And, finally, Escamot, which also had no contracts and now invoices 26,093 euros, "explains Ramos.

The socialist formation ensures that these cooperatives are related to the CUP, "because the workers and founders are militants of the formation cubaro». For the moment, the PSC has not brought the case before the courts.

For her part, the councilor of the CUP, Inés Solé, categorically denies these facts and assures that it is "a political pre-campaign strategy of the Socialists." Solé assures that "we will put lights and stenographers on this totally false accusation." The anti-capitalist formation does not rule out taking legal action.

"Before we did not exist"

For their part, from La Teulada they assure that the socialist argument is not true and that the explanation of why they did not invoice before the CUP entered the government is “because we did not exist. We are young, small cooperatives and eager to work," says its spokesperson, Núria Loras, who rules out that any of its workers have been on any municipal list, "neither from the CUP, nor from any other party," he adds. Loras concludes that “it is very difficult to carry out such small companies. Being victims of political games does not help us much.

The supposedly benefited cooperatives have carried out contracts, such as the dissemination of school routes, the poster of the Festes de Santa Tecla and socio-cultural activities in the Parc de la Ciutat, among others.

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