The proximity unit of the Guàrdia Urbana de Reus performs 3,000 services in half a year

In seven months, the Proximity Unit of the Guàrdia Urbana de Reus has carried out more than 3,000 actions, including neighborhood patrols, services with the mobile police station, school protection in educational centers and visits to entities and businesses, among others. It was created a little over half a year ago with the intention of continuing to promote the proximity of the police force with the citizenry. During this time, the fifteen agents that are part of the unit have performed all kinds of services, which complement the regular shift.

Particularly noteworthy is patrolling through neighborhoods, the most common service, with a total of 1,146, "with a greater presence on foot and less patrolling by car," underlines the Councilor for Citizen Security, Civisme and Coexistence, Dolors Vázquez. The Mobile Proximity Police Station (CEP) is also playing an important role in this outreach strategy of the Guàrdia Urbana. It should be remembered that it is a van fitted out, inside, as a police station, which complements the service of the external proximity police stations, which allows it to reach all neighbourhoods. At this point, citizens can raise problems or doubts, receive advice or file complaints. So far, 555 services have been performed.

279 visits to entities and businesses have also been carried out, some fifty meetings with neighborhood associations, 98 traffic complaints, in addition to dealing with 309 incidents on public roads and managing 122 abandoned vehicles. The proximity unit also complements the school protection service in educational centers, with a total of 126 actions in half a year.

Coexistence and civility

The chief inspector of the Guàrdia Urbana de Reus, Pedro Muñoz, details that most of the problems detected are related to coexistence and civility, which "are not serious, but they worry the neighbors and generate a feeling of insecurity."

According to him, the planning of the Proximity Unit is carried out based on a previous analysis of the problems of each neighborhood based on the information received by the body through various channels and, from here, a planning is carried out.

Closer to citizenship

The Councilor for Citizen Security, Citizenship and Coexistence, Dolores Vázquez, underlines the commitment that is being made to the proximity of the Reus Urban Guard to the public, that "they know the police force and it is not seen only as a sanctioner", she highlights.

The first step in this line was the creation of the figure of the reference cape, at the end of 2019 and which is still in force. It is about a dozen agents who have been assigned a specific area of ​​Reus. Each neighborhood has one of them as a reference, a direct contact with the Guàrdia Urbana that facilitates communication between neighbors and the local police. In addition, they hold regular meetings, which are complemented by visits from the councillor.

With the intention of going further, at the beginning of this year the Proximity Unit was created, promoting foot patrolling and direct contact with neighbors. In addition, at the end of 2021, the external proximity police stations, which had been closed for months with the outbreak of the pandemic, reopened again. These are the police station of the bus station and the old hospital (both, active from Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.), Mas Pellicer (Monday), Center Cívic Migjorn (Tuesday), CC Ponet (Wednesday ), Llevant (Thursday), Mestral (Friday) and the Airport police station, coinciding with flight schedules.

Dolors Vázquez assures that the intention is to be able to continue growing in proximity, but without a defined calendar.

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